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Kengan Fighters Reunite Against the Western Faction in Kengan Omega Chapter 146

Kengan Omega Chapter 146
Kengan Fighters reunite in Kengan Omega Chapter 146

In Chapter 145, Ohma Tokita, Muteba Gizenga, Hatsumi Sen, and Mikazuchi Ren reunite after years. It seems that Erioh Kure’s tragic death is the final push that made the best fighters around Japan work together. Mikazuchi bluntly claims that he has an unpaid debt towards the Kure clan, and that’s the only reason he is here. Moreover, everyone agrees that Worms will disrupt the balance of the underworld if left unchecked. Will they go for an all-out war against the Western Faction in Kengan Omega Chapter 146?

We mustn’t forget that the Western Faction isn’t defeated yet. According to the investigators, there were five members of the organization with Wu Hei’s personality. Thus, one is still roaming around freely, and there’s no telling how strong he/she is. With Edward dead, the remaining moderates of the faction will be forced to take immediate measures. Thus, a final face-off with the Western Faction is inevitable. We bring you the latest chapter updates of Kengan Omega manga.

Kengan Omega Chapter 146 Spoilers and Raw Scans

In Chapter 146, Ohma and the other Kengan fighters will be preparing to fight the enemy that Erioh Kure warned them about before dying. Muteba, Mikazuchi, and Hatsumi must have grown a lot stronger in all these years, and I can’t wait to see them in the fighting arena again. Meanwhile, Toyo Electric’s chairman Hayami Katsumasa is up to something evil. He wants to take over Kengan Association at any cost and orders to regroup the guardians at once. He wants to make the most of this political turmoil and rise up in the ranks.

Kengan Omega Chapter 146

Team Kengan Association

The raw scans and leaks of Kengan Omega Chapter 146 are out: Chairman Katsumasa notices that Hui Sheng is having undesirable effects on Hayami Masaki. He bluntly tells his creator that Kengan Association is better without him. It seems that Meguro Masaki’s madness is awakened within Hayami, so Katsumasa asks Koi Yamagata to dispose of him. However, Koi is no match for Hayami, and he kills Katsumasa for treating him like a lab rat.

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Chapter 145 Recap

In Chapter 145, Edward Wu laughs even after such a shameful defeat and says that this is only just the beginning of a massive party. Before he can utter any more nonsense, Raian finishes him off by thrashing his head to the ground. Wu Xing immediately breaks down into tears for witnessing his master’s brutal death.

Erioh’s Last Words

When Ohma arrives, it’s too late to save Erioh Kure. Even someone as skilled as Dr. Hanafusa couldn’t have saved him from such grave injuries. The old man calls Ohma his great grand-son-in-law and warns him about a mysterious foe who is far superior to him. In his final sentence, he asks Raian to grow a lot stronger so that he can be of help to Ohma in the future. With that, the epic tale of First Fang of Metsudo comes to an end.

Kengan Omega Chapter 146

Erioh Kure

Kengan Fighters Reunite

Later, Ohma enters the room where Hatsumi, Muteba, and Mikazuchi are waiting for him. It seems that all of them are ready to exterminate the remaining members of the Worm to bring back stability to the underworld. Moreover, helping the Kure to fight the Western Faction is their one last way to pay tribute to Erioh. Meanwhile, Kathara Meysudo receives the death news of his old friend. He barely manages to hold back his sorrowful expression, and he turns away. We get to see a flashback panel from the day the two great fighters met each other for the first time. 

Kengan Omega Chapter 146

Chairman Katsumasa of Toyo Electric

On the other hand, Chairman Katsumasa of Toyo Electric couldn’t help rejoicing Erioh’s death. He remembers the day when Erioh spilled acid on his face and almost tortured him to death. Now that Erioh is dead, no one would be stopping him from taking over Kengan Association. Thus, he immediately asks to assemble the guardians.

 Kengan Omega Chapter 146 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 146 will be released on Wednesday, February 9, 2022. A new chapter of Kengan Omega manga is generally released every Wednesday unless there’s a delay.

Where to Read Kengan Omega Manga Online?

Kengan Omega manga is released on Comikey’s official website, which comes out every Wednesday. The first four chapters are freely available, but you need to take a subscription if you want to read the entire series. The site also makes the most recent chapter freely available for a few hours, so keep a close eye on it.

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