JoJo Golden Wind Episode 3 – Giorno’s Gang-star Admission

The part 5 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is already kicking up this season with a lot of smooth moves from Giorno Giovanna and his Stand, Golden Experience. In the last episode, he managed to befriend Bruno Bucciarati and convinced him to join his cause. In JoJo Golden Wind Episode 3, Giorno and Bruno will work together to make Giorno a part of the mafia.

In the next episode, Giorno will be helped by Bruno to enter a Mafia Organization called¬† Passione. By becoming a gangster, Giorno plans to control Naples by climbing up Passione’s ladder and becoming the boss. But before he can join, he needs to meet one of the recruiters of the organization. He is to meet Polpo, Bruno’s direct higher up and the one who sends him orders. With Bruno’s recommendation, Giorno went inside the prison to meet the gangster.

jojo golden wind episode 3

Polpo is quite a large man; Giorno almost thought that he was a bed. He will then realized why Polpo decided to stay in prison, everything that a human would need is already in one room. With the look of things, he is even safer inside the prison. He will ask Giorno what is the most important thing he can do, just like a job interview, and Giorno will answer that he can do amazing things with his skill and will show a trick to the gangster. However, the real answer is trust, and that Polpo will test him if he can be trusted.

Giorno’s test will begin in JoJo Golden Wind episode 3. Polpo will give him a lit lighter, and he needs to keep it lit for 24 hours. Giorno will be presented with difficulty right after he is about to go outside when the guard scans his body. He then used his Stand Ability to hide the lighter behind a flower that he made.

Reaching his apartment, the only thing that he needed to do is to make sure that the light will not be blown away. Just as when things are all set up, the guy from the airport will barge into his apartment searching for his passport. Will the kid blow the fire in the lighter or will Giorno find a way to get out of there? We will find out in JoJo Golden Wind episode 3.

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