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James Gunn Confirms Daniela Melchior Will Appear In Guardians of the Galaxy

Daniela Melchior in guardians of the galaxy vol 3
James Gunn recently confirmed the rumors of The Suicide Squad actor Daniela Melchior being in GOTG Vol. III

After portraying the anti-hero Ratcatcher II in James Gunn’s 2021 DC superhero sequel “The Suicide Squad,” Daniela Melchior is now all set to appear in a yet-to-be-announced role in the director’s upcoming Marvel threequel “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”. To get the fans up to speed, it’s not the first time Melchior’s name has been a part of GOTG 3. Her name was making rounds on Twitter a while back. This was when Gunn posted a photo with some cast members for GOTG Vol. 3. Fans were quick to notice Melchior and theorize all kinds of stuff regarding her role.

Ever since the first cinder blocks of the rumor started fuming, speculations went abuzz. Many fans have been speculating, some believing it to be absolutely true, that Melchior will play “Moondragon”. However, with his confirmation regarding Melchior’s presence, Gunn also dispelled some rumors and speculations. What else did Gunn announce? Is Melchior playing Moondragon or someone else? If not, who might she be playing in the movie? Let’s try and dig into the speculations galore and find out some scoops within the announcement.

Gunn Confirms Daniela Melchior Is In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Taking to Twitter, James Gunn confirmed Daniela Melchior’s presence in the GOTG Vol 3 cast. He wrote, “I can confirm (and confirm she’s wonderful in the role). @MelchiorDaniela is one of my favorite people & actors around, & I hope this is just the second of many projects we’ll work on together.” The fans took great joy in the director breaking the news, replying with their reactions and speculations. Shortly after Gunn, Melchior took to her own Twitter account and confirmed the news.

Sharing a cheeky tweet reiterating what Gunn confirmed, Melchior wrote, “Omg I’m shocked with this tweet and that this secret just got out I’ll keep your kind words in my heart @JamesGunn AND YES I CONFIRM TOO THAT I’M IN GUARDIANS BABYYYYYYY.” The actor also accompanied her tweet with a funny reaction GIF.

Who Is Daniela Melchior Playing in GOTG 3?

Fans have been speculating that Daniela Melchior will play Moondragon for the upcoming third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. Moondragon is a powerful telepath and a great geneticist in the Marvel comics. When you take this comic book history into account, it seems highly probable that the character might be in the movie, since rumors entail High Evolutionary’s presence in the third GOTG film. High Evolutionary being a great genetic manipulator and Moondragon being a geneticist makes sense.

Daniela Melchior Moondragon

Gunn has already debunked theories that Melchior would play Moondragon

However, all these connections, and thereby the surrounding theories, came to a halt when Gunn squashed them himself. The director had gone on to debunk these theories last year. However, Daniela’s inclusion in the movie reignited the theories. Fans swaggered into the reply section proclaiming their love for the fact that the actress would be playing Moondragon. However, James Gunn made sure that the fans didn’t buy into those theories, denying that she’ll be playing Moondragon.

The important question remains, though — who exactly will Daniela play in GOTG 3 if not Moondragon? Well, claiming anything right now would be a hasty endeavor. However, if we’re to entertain rumors and theories, word around the online streets is that she might play the character of Phyla-Vell.

However, that’s only one in a long roster of Marvel characters she could be playing. We’ll have to wait it out until more news and developments surface before calling it. So let’s do that while we wait with bated breath for the GOTG Christmas Special dropping in December this year.

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