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Is Kozuki Oden Alive? One Piece 1007 Shocks The Fanbase

Is Oden Alive? One Piece 1007 Shocks The Fanbase
Is Oden Alive? One Piece 1007 Shocks The Fanbase

It is yet another one of those moments that One Piece manga catches us by surprise with things no one could ever expect. Do you still remember that moment when Kanjuro was revealed to be Orochi’s spy? Well, Oda has done it again and has revealed something that could even turn the entire One Piece world upside down. Similar to Kanjuro’s incident, another shocking event has happened in One Piece manga. One Piece 1007 spoilers are out early this week, and with them comes a shocking revelation in Onigashima’s raid.

If one can say they know how all this will turn out, I would definitely tell them they are lying right on the spot. So I guess we have got to leave most of the things like that to One Piece creator himself. The earliest spoilers for One Piece 1007 have finally revealed the person behind the second silhouette. We now know that there are two silhouettes, and the first one we already know is of Kaidou’s hybrid form.

And now that the manga has transitioned, we got another silhouette of a mysterious person that appeared at the red scabbard’s aid. The last chapter of the manga released officially last weekend and gave us more developments in the ongoing war. The spoilers then followed from this week Monday, and the highlight of the week is the revelation in from the latest manga spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1007 will release officially this weekend, and that is when we will get the official updates on this issue. Fans can also access the latest chapters online on the VIZ Media and Manga Plus official websites. This post will explicitly contain spoilers events that have not yet officially released in the manga, so you should proceed only if you are okay with that.

Is Oden Still Alive? Answers From One Piece 1007 Spoilers!

One Piece

One Piece Anime

Firstly let’s take a look at the latest updates from One Piece 1007 spoilers. Most parts of the spoilers focused on Chopper and how he intends to deal with the virus that had affected almost everyone on the live stage. Then we also got more important updates like the discussion of the lineage factor by CP0. And we also got to know that the Navy held Kaido while Vegapunk experimented on him.

We don’t know what kind of a monster the Marine wanted to produce out to Kaidou. But Vegapunk deemed it a failed experiment and abandoned it. But looking at Kaidou today, one can hardly call that a failed experiment as he appears as the strongest creature alive. Well, getting back to the business of the day. The spoilers also revealed that the person behind the silhouette in the red scabbard room is Kozuki Oden. Oden appeared before the red scabbards and told them that he is old now and missed them.

He wanted to see how they are doing, and he appeared with two swords, a black one and a white one. These are his signature swords, so we would not have much doubt that it’s him. That was as far as the spoilers went so far. But as more updates come out, then we will surely get more details on this scene. This time the spoilers did not beat around the bush. They went straight to mention that the silhouetted person is Kozuki Oden which means that he is absolutely alive.

This is something unbelievable, and upon seeing it, I thought maybe it is some fan theory. And this would also be too early to come as an April’s fool joke because we are still weeks away from that. As unbelievable as it is, I still think that maybe more spoilers updates might reveal that it might be Kurozomi Higurashi with her Mane Mane no Mi fruit as she is capable of disguising herself as other people. But something is still a little bit off about this whole situation.

What Could This Mean for Onigashima Raid?

One Piece Anime - Akazaya

One Piece Anime – Akazaya

First, let’s bring this whole situation into analysis and try to figure out the impact that this will have on the ongoing war. The spoilers have revealed that it is really Oden, and we also saw him with his two signature swords. We all know that Oden carried two swords with him. Enma and Ame no Habakiri which are both a black and a white sword, respectively. But we know that Ame no Habakiri is currently under Tenguyama Hitetsu’s care back in Kuri. Enma is with Zoro at the rooftop, so that’s one thing that doesn’t make sense.

But just because Oden is carrying two black and white swords doesn’t necessarily mean that they are Enma and Ame no Habakiri. So hopefully, the detailed spoilers will provide us with more clarity on this issue. Because when it comes to events like this one, there is always a catch.

So if Oden is really alive, then this means that Kaidou’s execution 20 years ago was not successful. Then a backstory of how Oden survived the execution will likely follow, and this means that the manga will slow down a bit as we get to know how come Oden is still alive. If the full spoilers do not touch on that issue, we will get more updates on this when the manga returns from next week’s break.

At this point, we can see that One Piece manga has just become completely unpredictable. And as the war in Wano continues, it looks like soon there might be more than just Kaidou, and the Ninja Mink Pirate Samurai alliance involved. CP0 seems to know a lot as they mentioned that even if the straw hats win, this war won’t end as the executives can easily deal with the alliance. But for now, let’s wait for the full spoilers and see if they will bring anything new.

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