Is GOT7 Having the Much Awaited Comeback Soon? Here’s All We Know

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GOT7 comeback
GOT7 Concept Photo for DYE

In early 2021, GOT7 announced that it’ll be not renewing its contract with JYP Entertainment and disbanded. But the fanbase Ahgase still had some hope left. Before their final disbandment, the group dropped one last single, called Encore in February 2021 to bid adieu to the fans. After the disbandment, all the members got busy working on their solo careers. But suddenly from last few weeks, there has been a rumour (or maybe its true) about GOT7 making their much awaited comeback. How are people reaching this conclusion, we will try to find that.

The news surrounding their comeback has filled Ahgases with a rejuvenated sense of hope and joy. GOT7 were one of the most famous hip hop groups in South Korea and abroad. Their reunion would only break and make new records.

Who are GOT7

GOT7 was a hip hop group formed in 2014 under the JYP Entertainment label. The 7 members of the group had been scouted from both within the country and outside South Korea. The group consists of Mark, leader Jb (now Jay B), Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. Mark joined the group after passing auditions in USA, BamBam in Thailand and Jackson in Hong Kong.

GOT7 comeback soon
GOT7 Girls,Girls,Girls era cr: JYP Entertainment

Jay B and Jinyoung had made their first appearance to the masses through the highly popular Korean drama Dream High’s second season. The group made their official debut in January 2014. The last JYP boy group was 2PM. Hence, the debut of GOT7 was highly anticipated. And they proved themselves worth of all the hype. Their debut EP was no. 1 on Billboard. GOT7 went ahead to win the Rookie of the Year awards too. Their 2015 Superhit song Just Right can still be heard on music channels and in fan videos. Music video of Just Right was their MV to hot 300 million views on YouTube. The song is equally popular even now.

Where are the GOT7 members now

After a successful career span of 7 years, all the members announced they won’t be renewing their contracts with JYP and left for their own ways. Mark established his Mark Tuan Studio and has already released many hit singles.

GOT7 possible comeback
Mark Tuan

JB changed his stage name to Jay B and joined Jay Park’s hip-hop and R&B label H1ghr Music. We have also seen Jay B in the ads of promotional tourist campaign run by the Korea Tourism Organization. For the campaign, he remixed the traditional song Niliria.

GOT7 comeback
Jay B

Jackson was already releasing singles while being a part of GOT7 too. His hit songs include LMLY, 100 Ways and many more. His MVs are known for its 90s Hong Kong Vibes. Recently we saw his scintillating performance at Coachella 2022, which trended globally.

GOT7 comeback
Jackson Wang cr: Entertainment Tonight

Jinyoung had also worked in a few dramas and is still working. In June 2021 he released his single ‘Dive’. His previous drama included the thriller “He is Psychometric”. Jinyoung was last in “Yuma’s Cells”.

GOT7's comeback

Youngjae is signed with Sublime Artist Agency. A major event was him starring in the musical Midnight Sun. Additionally, he released a song for “So I married an anti-fan”. He also went on to star in drama Love & Wish.

GOT7 making a comeback

BamBam is also leading a career as a soloist. His single Who are you with Red velvet’s Seulgi gained a lot of buzz. His last single SlowMo is very popular on social media for its catchy music.

GOT7 comeback
BamBam in Slow Mo

Yugyeom has joined AOMG label and released an EP with 7 tracks on which many renowned artists have collaborated too. He also performed at the opening event of Tokyo Olympics.

GOT7's comeback

Undoubtedly, all the members of GOT7 are leading successful solo careers. But fans always wish to see them together. Their wish might be coming true after all this time. A GOT7 comeback might as well be on its way. It can drop anyday while you are sleeping.

The hints for the supposed GOT7 comeback

BamBam giving spoilers at his online showcase

The hints are being dropped since the beginning of this year, and it might be even confirmed that GOT7 will make their much awaited comeback. BamBam said a while ago the members discuss possible songs to perform as a group, and that they are preparing for a group comeback. The others members kept reiterating the same news too. Also, it’s quite interesting and heartwarming of how they refer to each other as always “members” even when they are not a proper group anymore.

On a later appearance, at Youngjae’s radio show, BamBam kept apologising over how he might have spoiled the news of their comeback, but he never once denied or refuted the things he said.

BamBam and Mark’s twinning

BamBam and Mark might be the kings of spoiling things. They are the ones dropping the most hints. They are seen wearing their old outfits which they once wore for group outings. Maybe they want everyone to feel the nostalgia of good old days before they announce the comeback.

One of the biggest hints was noticed by the fandom. The YouTube Channel of GOT7 got updated to GOT7 Still Alive. Hmm, what could this possibly mean? A comeback OF COURSE! Fans even trended GOT7 Still Alive on Twitter even when these might just be mere speculations. But their excitement is truly understandable.

Mark Tuan’s Harper Bazaar interview

But the biggest hint has arrived 2 days ago, that too from Mark. In his latest interview, Mark has explicitly stated that the members are preparing for group activities together. He stated that it was difficult to gather all of them at the same time, but they somehow achieved this feat and are excited to perform for their fans.

GOT7 making a possible comeback

Now this is still a question if GOT7 would be coming back with fresh content as a group, or would be like simply a reunion concert. I hope all these burning questions get answered soon, but one thing is for sure that we will see them as GOT7 again! That too real soon. Godspeed.

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