Is Gojo Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 225? The Intense Battle With Sukuna

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Is Gojo Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen - Chapter 225 - Answered
Gojo Using Domain Expansion!

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 225 was released in the 27th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and it continued with the amazing and the most anticipated fight of the series. To remind you how anticipated this fight is and the hype for the fight build-up, it could go back to the very start of the series when he responded that he would win against Sukuna, the strongest sorcerer in history, even if he were to gain all of his power.

Gojo Satoru stated that he would WIN because he is the STRONGEST. Surely there aren’t many cool characters like Gojo in the whole community, and ever since the first season of the anime hit television, Gojo became one of the most popular characters in the anime and manga community. As stated by the author of the series, the reason they put Gojo inside the prison realm was due to the fact that he was so strong and would defeat everyone at ease.

But finally, he has an opponent, another strongest sorcerer, Sukuna, who is ready to fight him. Gojo returned recently, and the fight among the strongest was set. We are only in three chapters of the fight between the strongest, and the latest chapters see Sukuna overpowering Gojo in the Domain battle, and the former’s sure hit effect slashes Gojo’s neck.

Thus, a huge discussion in the Jujutsu Kaisen community if this is for the strongest character of the series and the most loved characters in the anime and manga community. Well, only the author of the series could be able to tell us what will Gojo’s fate be, and that we will surely learn in the Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 226. Until then, there is space for us to discuss the fate of Gojo. 

So yes, let us surely discuss the possibilities of what could be the fate of Gojo and ponder the question Is Gojo Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen – Chapter 225? But before we discuss that, many fans are confused with the details that were given in the latest chapter of the series and how Sukuna was even able to achieve landing such a fatal attack on Sukuna.

What Occurred in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 225?

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 225 saw a whole lot of discussion before the fight between the strongest was continued. The chapter being with the sorcerers watching the fight on the Television, thanks to Mei Mei’s setup. The discussion sees that Gojo’s limitless cursed energy lets him be untouchable, as we see it demonstrated when Gojo fights Jogo for the first, and we learn about Gojo’s cursed techniques and also his domain expansion.

Is Gojo Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen - Chapter 225 - Explained and answered
Gojo and Sukuna inside Gojo’s Barrier!

However, Sukuna is able to counter it with his Domain amplification which leads him to counter it in return for not being able to use his innate cursed techniques, as explained by Angel. But given that Sukuna does not have any other methods to use Cursed techniques, he is not able to defeat Gojo quickly.

Thus, the conversation shifts to see the sorcerers discussing the possibility of them using their Domain battle. The discussion leads to many conversations, and among them even raises the question that Sukuna might not be able to win a domain battle against Gojo, and thus, he is not using it. 

However, Shoko remarks that Gojo is wicked and he has six eyes which means that if Sukuna had such thoughts, Gojo would definitely use them against him. This leads to another most striking conversation that Choso comes up where he tells them that Sukuna’s domain might be barrier-less. This makes every sorcerer worry, and some reaction from Kusukabe, Kashimo, Hakari, and Yuta who think that this is just absurd.

Much like us, Miwa asks what is a barrier-less domain expansion to which Kusubake explains that water with no container to hold it, or painting on the air without any canvas, software without any hardware to accumulate them. It is hard, but only a few were managed to pull off, and that also includes Megumi’s unfinished domain when he first used it. 

The Domain Battle Between Sukuna And Gojo – Explained

Moving forward, we saw that Choso notes that Kenjaku had a domain-less barrier as well, and thus their plan to break Kenajku’s barrier from the outside using Tengen’s abilities while Yuki somehow manages to survive the battle inside Kenjaku’s domain with her simple domain flopped as there was not the way to break Kenjaku’s domain from the outside.

Choso regrets the outcome saying that Yuki was only using her own Domain instead of a simple domain to fight Kenjaku. Miwa adds to the conversation again, saying that they are discussing them using the Domain so casually, but in reality, it uses a lot of cursed energy.

Inumaki explains that there is no limit to Gojo’s cursed energy as he is able to replenish more than he exports; however, it would be a different matter if Gojo were to use the Domain expansion again and again. Whereas, for Sukuna, as mentioned by Kashimo, the former can use his curse so efficiently that he can do anything anytime, and his total cursed energy is more than Yuta’s or probably double, as Yuta notes.

Momo just thinks out loud after all the discussion that the output of the domain clash of the strongest sorcerers is unknown even by the users. Higuruma calls out everyone, saying that it is time that they will find out, and the next double spread sees Sukuna and Gojo using their Domain expansion.

As their Domains Clash, the sure hit effect gets canceled as none of them can overpower each other with the expansion of their domain inside “Gojo’s Barrier.” The narrator notes that they are evenly matched inside Gojo’s Domain. However, Sukuna’s Domain reach goes outside Gojo’s barrier, and the barrier of a domain is weak from the outside.

If you cannot comprehend this, remember the fight between Nanami and Yuji against Mahito, where Yuji Shattered Mahito’s domain from the outside, saving Nanami. Much like that, Sukuna’s attack breaks Gojo’s Domain from the outside, leaving him inside the reach of Sukuna’s domain, and the sure hit effect of the domain lands on Gojo.

Is Gojo Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen – Chapter 225?

The technical answer to the following aforementioned question is definitely no, as we did not see Gojo die. But the possibility of him dying is as good as Gojo’s living. Sukuna’s attack is surely one of the strongest attacks there is, and Gojo receiving this attack inside the former’s domain is not a good hint.

But Gojo has survived worse if we think about it. In his battle against Toji, Gojo received fatal wounds that would result in instant death. However, he survived them thanks to this reversed cursed technique. At the start of the battle, Sukuna’s hand was completely harmed and unusable, but thanks to the Reversed Cursed technique, it is restored.

But even though Gojo uses his reversed cursed technique, Sukuna’s domain’s sure hit effect will continue as long as Sukuna maintains his domain, and if Gojo had to survive this, he’d have to either get out of Sukuna’s Domain range or heal himself faster than Sukuna’s sure hit effect. 

If this is something that Gojo would prevail in this state, then the battle is stupidly one-sided, as fans claim, and Gojo can indeed take care of all the things all alone. Sounds too good to be true, right? It would render most of the characters, including our main character Yuji Itadori useless. 

Considering there are also rumors that the series may also be coming to an end this year, Gojo not being the one to defeat Sukuna, possibly the major antagonist besides Kenjaku, would make more sense. It seems like the one being able to defeat Kenjaku would be Yuta, and fighting Sukuna until the end would be our main character Yuji.

The suspense for either Gojo will survive or will remain until the next chapter, that is, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 226 is released, which is scheduled to come out on Monday, June 19th, 2023, at midnight Japanese standard time or the until the spoilers for the chapter are out instead.

Naturally, the spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 226 will be released earlier than the chapter’s official release date, and it will be out by the earliest on Wednesday, June 14th, 2023. We will surely provide you with the same when it becomes available. Until then, we can ponder the question of what is Gojo’s fate going to be in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 226. Read the current chapter for free again on Viz Media or Manga Plus.

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