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Interesting Trevor Philips Facts From Grand Theft Auto V

Interesting Facts About Trevor Philips From Grand Theft Auto

Who is Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V? What are some of the interesting facts about Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto? Trevor Philips is a character and one of the main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, others being Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa. He was born in Canada. Trevor is a criminal and a bank robber. At the start of Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor believed that Michael had died and retired from criminal life.

Trevor is a psychopath and has anger issues. Trevor can kill anybody and will not feel a thing after the deed. He hates many things, but abandonment is the one which he detests the most. He has a niece and nephew for whom he greatly cares. Trevor’s past has left him scarred. Though everyone knows about his recklessness and anger tantrums, he is very loyal and respectful to all who are close to him. In the game, his story focuses on the consequences of his actions on him and the people around him.

Interesting Facts About Trevor Philips From Grand Theft Auto V

Here are some interesting facts about Trevor Philips from GTA V. Some facts contain spoilers, either major or minor, for GTA V, so you have been warned.

Trevor Has A Fear Of Clowns

Trevor is the angriest of the three protagonists, and this makes him very fearless, right? Well, no. Trevor does have a fear of some things, and clowns are one of them. He admitted, on many occasions, that he does not like clowns and detests them. The fear grew in his childhood and stayed with him till his adult life.

Interesting Facts About Trevor Philips From Grand Theft Auto V

Trevor Fighting Clowns

In one of the Stranger and Freaks side missions called Grass Roots, Trevor meets Barry in Legion Square. Barry will talk about the legalization of Marijuana which does not click with Trevor. Barry will then ask Trevor to smoke one. After taking it, Trevor hallucinates and sees some clowns approaching him. He kills them only to realize later that he was hallucinating. Trevor then yells at Barry and leaves.

Trevor’s Family Relationship

Every protagonist of Grand Theft Auto V has some issues. Franklin does not get along with his aunt, and Michael has some issues with his family. But Trevor’s family is weird and is very messed up. His father is one of the reasons behind his aggressive temper. He regularly beat Trevor in his childhood days. Then one day, Trevor’s father left him at a shopping mall, which Trevor burned down to the ground in his retaliation. 

Interesting Facts About Trevor Philips From Grand Theft Auto V

Trevor With His Mother

Trevor had a younger brother named Ryan Philips, who died before the events of Grand Theft Auto V due to some unknown reasons. His mother, Ms. Philips, was also an abusive mother and neglected him most of his childhood days. She also verbally demeaned and chastised Trevor on some occasions. Trevor, still after the abuse, highly respects his mother. 

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Trevor’s Voice Actor Went To Some Great Lengths For The Performance

Steven Ogg voiced and motion-captured for the role of Trevor Philips, and he took it very seriously. Ogg made use of method acting for a realistic performance for the role of Trevor. Ogg has said that for Trevor’s role, he thought and lived like the character in his headspace for three years. He continued on by saying that it was not just voice acting, and it went beyond that. 

Grand Theft Auto V

Steven Ogg

In some of the scenes of Grand Theft Auto V, the players see Trevor walking around and wearing nothing but underwear. For this, Steven just stripped down himself to just underwear for those scenes. 

Tom Hardy’s Branson Is An Influence For Trevor

Characters get inspiration from some other characters, and it can be from TV shows, movies, comics, etc. Grand Theft Auto series is famous for taking and making from the influences from other media. And one of the influences is from Tom Hardy’s Oscar nominee film called Bronson, that released in 2008.

Grand Theft Auto V

Bronson And Trevor

Steven Ogg said that Charles Bronson was a strong and stylistic influence for Trevor. Now we know that Trevor came to be from the influence of one of Britain’s most violent criminals in history.

Trevor Introduction In The Game Was very Brutal

The game has a very interesting way of introducing characters in the game and Trevor’s is one of the best and yet very brutal. Trevor gets introduced in his trailer to having an affair with a woman. Her boyfriend arrives and becomes very angry. Trevor does not do something at that time but tries to calm the boyfriend down. He calms down, but now Trevor snaps.

Grand Theft Auto V

Trevor With Johnny Klebitz

Trevor smashes the bottle of beer on the boyfriend’s head, which knocks him down. He then smashes the boyfriend’s head with his leg and kills him. So who was the boyfriend? The one whom Trevors kills is the protagonist of the previous Grand Theft Auto, Johnny Klebitz. Players from this introduction learn that Trevor is not someone to take lightly.

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