In A Weverse Interview, Nagyung Talks About Her Idol Journey With Formis 9

nugyang weverse interview

On January 24, the lead vocalist of the nine-member girl group ‘Fromis 9’, Lee Nagyung sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine. Answering the curious questions, the idol talked about her journey in the k-pop industry. Debuting under CJ E&M, ‘Formis 9′ made its debut on January 24, 2018, with a mini-album. The nine girls were put together through Mnet’s survival show, Idol School. As the girls have acquired a good enough fanbase, the fandom does its best in keeping track of the girls’ activities. Throughout her time in the studio and stage, Nagyung has gone through a lot of change. Sitting down with the magazine, she shed some light on the changes.

The idol also talked about her pet fish. Telling the story behind the whole thing, Nagyung revealed that she went to the aquarium with her friends. Liking the little fishes, she brought a Nemo fish, a sea anemone, and a starfish home. Starting small from a fishbowl, the idol now takes care of a big aquarium at her house with a few more fish. Currently, she’s planning to get a better, more expensive tank for her pets. Being around her fish alone makes her feel calm and like she’s in an ocean. She has also formed a good bond with the fish as they follow along with her finger.

nugyang weverse interview
Nagyung for Weverse Interview

Nagyung Talks About Managing Her Idol Life Along With Trying New Things…

Talking about the group’s recent comeback, Nagyung revealed that she spent a lot of time studio and even wrote a song for the album. But sadly the song couldn’t make it through the final cut because of different concepts. While the idol isn’t a professional in music production, she’s trying to get better and bring her creations to come to life. Recording for the album, she has paid has extra attention to her vocals, especially for her favorite track “Feel Good (SECRET CODE)”. With practice and performing, Nagyung’s voice has also become relaxed and sweeter than before.

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The idol also talked about her acting role in the web series ‘Shadow Beauty’. Nagyung managed to balance her music promotions with the girl group and the film shooting together. She barely got any sleep during those times and prepared for the audition whenever she could. Thankful for the show, the idol has learned so many things and met so many people. But the overworking did take a toll on her health, as she visibly lost four kilograms. The role she played in ‘Shadow Beauty’ was the complete opposite of her personality. Becoming the mean girl for the web series, while people were loving her character. There were a few scenes that Nagyung felt were hard to act and film. But the idol kept her composure like a professional.

Nagyung for Weverse Interview

Nagyung Wants Her Fans To Have Faith In Her…

Nagyung has faith in herself and the idol doesn’t intend to lose it anytime. And all she asks her fans is to have faith in her too. She wants to show fans everything she’s got inside of her. She also wants her fans to feel good about themselves. And wants to make sure that the fans don’t feel that they’ve been wasting their time.

Talking about her performance on stage, Nagyung still tells herself that she needs to practice before she goes home. And practices like her life depend on it. The other members have told her numerous times that she dances gracefully. As she always tries to do the dance moves as accurately as possible. Being called an “Idol performance textbook”, Nagyung revealed that there’s a huge difference between her real personality and stage one. She’s not naturally talkative around people. Talking in front of people, the idol also feels her heart pounding. With the girl group completing their five years in the industry, the idol misses the old times. Winning a first-place on that music show last year was just like a gift. She only remembered the good parts. And is now trying her best and enjoying herself.

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