Hwang In Yeop Talks About His Lifestyle & Favorite Foods in New Interview

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Hwang In-Yeop
Actor, Hwang In-Yeop

Actor Hwang In Yeop, who recently captured millions of hearts as Han Seo Jun in tvN’s True Beauty, recently appeared in an interview. During his interview with Marie Claire,  the actor answered questions asked by the fans. In-Yeop took a “Pop Quiz” and revealed about his daily life, what he has been up to these days, and what his plans are for the future. The South Korean actor looked flawless in the interview. Moreover, his iconic “Good Boy” made all of us scream, Aww. The fans asked a lot of questions, mostly which were not related to work, this made the fans know more about the actor. So, let’s go and find out more about the True Beauty heartthrob.

In-Yeop is a South Korean actor and model. He began his career in 2017 after finishing his mandatory Military Service. He was once part of YG KPlus as a model. But now, KeyEast (Subsidiary of SM Entertainment) serves as his entertainment agency. After making his Tv debut, he has been a part of a few television series like 18 Again, The Tale of Nokdu, and True Beauty. In-Yeop will soon be seen in Netflix’s upcoming show about Magic, The Sound Of Magic. Actor Ji Chang Wook will also star in the lead role. 

Professionally, we know the actor well. But, it’s time to know about his favorites and more. Scroll down to know more.

Hwang In-Yeop’s Answers Questions About Himself

The first question by a fan asked the actor about his favorite and worst meal he had in the last week. Hwang In-Yeop replied by telling how he made tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cake) at home last week, and it turned out to be great. So, he made it the other day again, but the second time it was not that good. Also, he said that next time he will try to make Rose tteokbokki as it is in trends these days. The 30-year-old also revealed that he does not like to put cheese in his tteokbokki because he likes it spicy as it de-stresses his state.

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Hwang In-Yeop
Hwang In-Yeop as Han Seo-Jun in True Beauty.

The second question was about the footwear he has been wearing since last week. He immediately pointed towards his Nike Dunk Low Retro Black sneakers and said that he wears them frequently.

Another fan asked about his favorite song these days, and the actor told them that he has been listening to Nell’s “Time Walking on Memories,” a song from his school days. Also, he’s been listening to  “Freezing” by Bren Joy these days.

In-Yeop also talked about the person he likes to talk to the most on his phone. He said, “It’s someone I really like, called Kim Hyeok Joon. I’ve been talking to him on the phone a lot. Let’s speak on the phone again soon.”  He was asked about Hyeok Joon’s identity, and the actor revealed that he is his manager, and he likes him a lot.

The thing that makes him chuckle recently was the viral cover of Paul Kim’s “Coffee With Me” by comedian Kim Hae Jun. He takes up the personality of Choi Joon in the video. In-Yeop said that he also does Choi Joon’s impressions sometimes.

What is on Hwang In-Yeop’s Phone?

The actor was also asked to reveal multiple things from his phone. Moreover, he told his fans that he has been trying to mediate but fails every time because of irregular sleep schedules.

Hwang In-Yeop

A fan asked him to show his favorite picture he took in the last week. And In-Yeop showed two pictures on the screen- one was the view outside from his car, it was when he was going to the studio for work, and the other is of the tteokbokki he made last week. The 18 Again actor confessed that he loves Cola and drinks one every day.

In the end, he bid goodbye to fans and expressed that he has fun with the interview. To see more of the actor, watch True Beauty here on Rakuten Viki. Also, keep reading, so we can update you on In-Yeop’s upcoming Netflix show.

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