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How To Watch ‘Watch The Water’ In The UK, US, And Australia?

How and where to watch Watch the Water in the UK, US, and in Australia
How and where to watch Watch the Water in the UK, US, and in Australia

The documentary Watch the Water has become a hype in the social media world after its release. Stew Peters is the man behind making this movie. However, if you are thinking that this documentary could easily be available on all platforms like Amazon, Netflix, and Youtube, then you are probably wrong because the show might not in the said platforms. And today in this article, we will be discussing how you can watch Watch the Water if you are living in the UK, US, and Australia.

This 47-minute-long documentary will take you to the place from where COVID has originated, i.e., Water (according to the documentary). If you are a documentary lover, then you would never want this to be missed. Let us discuss how and where you can watch the water in the UK, US, and Australia.

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Streaming Watch The Water In The UK, US, And Australia

To stream Watch the Water from anywhere on the earth, all you need to do is to tune in to Rumble. And over here, you can watch this documentary for free. It might be possible that they charge a subscription login but don’t lose hope after some time, you will surely login to Rumble.

The most important thing is that whatever stew has been claimed in the series, you can cross-check them. To check whether whatever he said in the documentary was right or not, he provided some links. If you are someone who doesn’t believe in all this, you can actually go to that link and find whatever he said was actually right.

Talking about the scene where we got to see that the vaccine was being prepared from snake venom was a bit disturbing. Taking this into consideration, Will Sommer twitted that we are all injected with snake venom that makes our Satan DNA. According to this documentary, COVID was caused because of the addition of snake venom in water to make people go Satanic.

Debates On Watch The Water Documentary

There’s a lot of debate going on Twitter regarding the use of venom in vaccines like Remdesivire. Some do believe the documentary and compare this with evil, while others are against it. There’s a lot of debate going on about the documentary. If you also want to share your thoughts on the documentary, head on to Twitter. There you will meet with people who are in support and who are not in support of the Watch the Water documentary.

Stew Peters Watch the Water documentary

Stew Peters Watch the Water documentary.

But what I would recommend to you is to go and watch this documentary. And ignore everyone who is saying not to watch it. As in the documentary, you will also get to see the evidence which proves whatever he is saying is right and legitimate. You will get to see examples after examples of scientific data. 

You can watch this documentary only on Rumble, as YouTube deleted this documentary again and again for breaking its rules.

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Stew Peters

Stew Peters is an American journalist and also a host of a radio show by the name Steve Peters Show. Before becoming a host, he was actually a bounty hunter. Stew Peters’s show air on and once a week. The noted figures in his show were Mark Meadows, Paul Gosar, and L.Lin Wood. Stew Peters had also been a speaker at America First Political Action Conference in 2022.

Stew Peters

Stew Peters


Watch the Water is streaming on Rumble, which is not so heard platform in countries other than America. This video streaming company promotes itself as immune to cancel culture. The headquarter of Rumble is situated in Longboat Key, Florida. Chris Pavloski founded the company in the year 2013. And since then, it is being widely used among American right-learning users. 

This platform mostly contains viral videos of animals and children. Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, joined Rumble on 26 June 2021 for his Ohio rally. After getting pulled out from youtube and Facebook for explicit content, some of the content creators chose to post their videos on Rumble during COVID. This gave them an enormous response and recognition from the audience. 

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