How Did Dr Pratt Die On ER? All About The Tragic Death

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Wondering How Did Dr. Pratt Die On ER? Fans simply cannot get enough of all the medical dramas! The thrill, the complications are made all the more interesting if you simply put a medical background behind it all! While shows like Grey’s Anatomy are an ongoing hit amongst viewers, there’s another name that paved the way for such a drama series. We recently witnessed the much-awaited reunion of the stars of ER, and let’s just say it was all about the nostalgia for fans! From John Stamos to George Clooney, the medical drama series has been home to many notable stars!

We are talking about the legendary medical drama series ER! The hit NBC series ran from September 19, 1994, to April 2, 2009. The show had a total of 331 episodes and enjoyed 15 seasons run with a huge fan base. Based on a fictional General Hospital in Chicago, the characters soon became family, and fans felt every moment of it! Believe it or not but ER is the sixth-longest medical drama across the globe and the second-longest primetime medical drama, the first being Grey’s Anatomy. Let us unveil the details on How Did Dr. Pratt Died In ER.

How Did Dr. Pratt Die On ER? Here’s What Happened

ER fans are no stranger to one of their most beloved characters Dr. Greg Pratt played by Mekhi Phifer! However, his character had a brutal ending in the 15th season of the medical drama series.  The very first episode of season 15 came with an unexpected shock in the form of Dr. Pratt’s death! His death happened after he succumbed to the injuries that he sustained during the explanation that happened during the season 14 finale.

How Did Dr Pratt Die On ER
Still from ER.

As fans had a nail-hitting experience, we soon discovered that the ambulance where Dr. Pratt was in was trapped by the Turkish mob. It was later revealed that these mobs were targeting one of Pratt’s patients, who was a government informant in witness protection. Despite numerous attempts, Dr. Pratt was pronounced dead, and fans were in for yet another shocking death in the show.

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Why Did Mekhi Phifer Aka Dr. Pratt Leave The Show?

While Dr. Pratt’s death was one of the most shocking and painful deaths in the history of ER, it seems like the writers had to complete the character arc after all. Actor Mekhi Phifer admitted that his character’s death was essential as even though the show did not lose any of its quality, it was just not getting recognized anymore. Take a look at this exclusive clip of the ER reunion as several stars joined in and talked about it all. They even opened up about a possibility of a reboot!

The actor who meticulously portrayed the role of Dr. Pratt for so many years further revealed that he helped the writers to weave the explosive cliffhanger. He believes that If there was a way to leave, the actor would rather go out with a memorable bang and not with an expected farewell.  Not to forget, the actor called his ER journey one of the greatest experiences of his career.

Two Of These ER Co-Stars Had An Unexpected Reunion!

It is a nostalgic moment for ER fans as two of their popular cast members Julianna Margulies, and George Clooney, had an unexpected reunion recently during the New York City event. It was the screening of the movie The Tender Bar, and the ER co-stars were all smiles while catching up after so long!

How Did Dr Pratt Die On ER
Promotional Image of ER.

As fans would remember, Margulies and Clooney, co-starred in the hit medical drama for quite a while from 1994 to 2000. Margulies played the role of nurse Carol Hathaway, and Clooney was seen as Dr. Doug Ross. However, both the actors exited the show the same year but made their much-awaited cameos in the 2009 series finale of the show. When asked about a reboot, the actor seems to have a somewhat mixed reaction to it. Fans would love to see a reboot with these actors making a guest appearance!

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