Here’s Why Kid Buu Will Not Return In Dragon Ball Super New Arc

Dragon Ball Super manga finally ended its Universal Survival and what’s next is the Galactic Prisoner Arc. What’s exciting with this is that we will finally see Buu after his long sleep. One of the biggest fears right now in the current arc is that Kid Buu might come back to terrorize the group once again. However, Kid Buu’s come back might be unlikely because of several reasons.

Let’s take a brief look Dragon Ball Z history, specifically the whole Buu saga. When Majin Buu was revived because of Vegeta and Goku’s plan, he, later on, befriended Mr. Satan. However, two guys ruined the peace and attempted to kill Bee (the dog) and Mr. Satan himself. Because of this, Innocent Buu was angered and Evil Buu (the skinny one) emerged. The two Buu fought, but Evil Buu won and ate Innocent Buu to become Super Buu. When Vegeta and Goku took a trip at Buuhan’s guts, they removed Good Buu. Because Good Buu was removed, Super Buu transformed into his ancient form, which is Kid Buu. Kid Buu was defeated and Good Buu, who they call Mr. Buu now, became Mr. Satan’s companion.

After a long explanation, this will all boil down to Goku’s wish. Kid Buu was defeated, but he was wished to come back as a good person, and that would be Uub. Kid Buu might not be returning in the current arc because of this guy:

That and the fact that Kid Buu is no longer in Good Buu’s body is the reason why the small pink creature is unlikely to come back. If the Daikaioshin’s power will be removed, it is likely that Good Buu will only have his power decreased. This is just a theory and it might or might not happen. But if Kid Buu will actually come back, he will be easily dealt with now that Goku and Vegeta have the power of the Gods.

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