Gogeta vs Vegito: Who Is Stronger In Dragon Ball Super?

Gogeta vs Vegito-Who Is Stronger In Dragon Ball Super?
Gogeta vs Vegito

Dragon Ball series is one of the most popular series, written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama and adapted into anime by Toei Animations. Dragon Ball series, be it be Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super, is known for its vivid characters and interesting storyline. Two such important characters are Vegito and Gogeta. These two characters appeared for a very short time in the whole series but still remain at the top of the mind of any Dragon Ball fan. In this article, We will talk about both of them and see who is stronger, Gogeta or Vegito?

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super revolve around the major protagonist Goku and his friends who fight for the sake of planet earth. Goku, under some tragedy, arrived on Earth in a spaceship from a very distant planet and was eventually adopted by an Earthling called Son Gohan. He trained hard under Master Roshi and became a fighter for the Earth. He fought many battles in his lifespan and defeated many baddies who tried to destroy Earth and its people. Goku indeed trained under the guidance of Whis, an angel himself, and challenged Hakaishin Beerus. Now, let’s come to our main topic.

Who Is Vegito?

First, It is very important to know about both of them, so let’s start with Vegito. Fusion in Dragon Ball series is not the new concept, and it is not added out of the blue just for the fanservice. Fusion has a very solid reason behind it and can be mastered by intense will and training. Fusion techniques can be performed by two methods. Either by Fusion Dance or by Potara earrings.

Vegito was the Fusion of Goku and Vegeta when they got fused by using Potara earrings. Vegito is extremely powerful and has a major trait of Vegeta. He is indeed cold-hearted and proud of being the most powerful Saiyan. Vegito appeared two times in the Dragon Ball series. First, we saw him against Majin Buu, and second, against Zamasu.

Gogeta vs Vegito-Who Is Stronger In Dragon Ball Super?
Vegito from DBS

Who Is Gogeta?

Now let’s talk about Gogeta. As we read above, Fusion can be performed by two types. Either by Fusion Dance or by Potara earrings. When Goku and Vegeta got fused with the help of Fusion Dance, they transformed into Gogeta. Gogeta has more traits of Goku and is not cold-hearted as Vegito. He is extremely powerful and could even surpass the legendary Saiyan. We saw him in the non-canon series even before Vegito, but Akira Toriyama sensei canonized Gogeta after the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Now, we have good data to compare both of their power levels.

Gogeta vs Vegito-Who Is Stronger In Dragon Ball Super?
Gogeta from DBS

Who Is Stronger? Vegito Or Gogeta

Now let’s see who the real boss is? To understand this, We have to understand the limitations of each of them. Vegito is undoubtedly the most powerful character in Dragon Ball Super. The transformation is easy as compared to Gogeta. The only limitation Vegito has is its overuse power level. Vegito doesn’t have any time limit. But if he uses too much power against the opponent, the chances of diffusion increase heavily. We saw this in the battle against Zamasu. Vegito used the ultimate kame-hame-ha on him, which results in the diffusion of Vegito. So we can say that Vegito has a limitation by which he can’t exaggerate too much power.

Now let’s talk about Gogeta. Unlike Vegito, Gogeta doesn’t have any power limit. He can use as much power as he wants, but the limitation he has is Time Limit. Even it is confirmed that The Fusion of Gogeta can’t go more than 30 minutes. So he had to finish the fight within this time limit. Now, let’s see the conclusion.

According to us, Gogeta is much stronger than Vegito. In fact, Vegito hasn’t defeated anyone in the Dragon Ball series. The limitation of not using much power for Vegito becomes too much hurdle in his battle. On the other hand, Gogeta has no such limit and even surpassed Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. He defeated Broly easily using this form, so we can say that Gogeta is much stronger than Vegito at this point in time. If you think otherwise, do let us know in the comment section.

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