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Godzilla vs Kong Sequel Filming Locations Announced

Godzilla vs Kong sequel release date
Godzilla vs Kong sequel is currently in the works

Godzilla vs Kong sequel is in the works and the filming on the sophomore installment to the Monsterverse juggernaut of the yesteryear begins later this year. The original film went on to make a moolah at the box office, breaking some records in the process. Amid the pandemic, the film was one of the big-budget vehicles to propel the reopening of theatres back in March 2021.

The mostly CGI-heavy picture included some beautiful and wide landscape shots, evoking a sense of grandeur fit for such a film. A lot of the scenes in the film were shot in real locations, and reports say the makers are returning to the same locations for the sequel.

Does Godzilla defeat kong

GVK opened in March 2021 to huge box office success

Godzilla vs Kong Sequel Starts Filming Later This Year

Reports on the filming locations for the film recently surfaced online. So far, we know that the film’s shoot will take place in Queensland, Australia. The State Premier of Queensland on Monday announced that work on the film will begin near the end of 2022. The filming locations for Godzilla vs Kong sequel are the same where previous Monsterverse hits have been shot.

Filming for the original and Kong: Skull Island also took place in the southeast region and the Gold Coast in Queensland. According to various reports, the region will benefit enormously from the upcoming project. Following up the grand spectacle insanity that was GVK, the audience’s expectations for a sequel would be higher. Naturally, the budget for the follow-up will also exhibit corresponding inflation. A budget increase will also bring in much more stimulation for the local economy of Queensland.

What will the Sequel be About?

The studio and makers had already talked about potential follow-up(s) if the film performs well. Director Adam Wingard talked about a sequel and where the cinematic universe can go after the film. “It’s really at the point where audiences have to kind of step forward and vote for more of these things. If this movie is a success obviously they will continue forward”, said Wingard about the sequel to Godzilla vs Kong, which is now in the works.

As to what the sequel will explore in the monster cinematic universe, we can expect to see more of the Hollow Earth that GVK explored briefly. Many of the scenes in the film left some unanswered questions and loose threads. The sequel will delve into these questions and the mysterious and fantastical Hollow Earth that the original set up.

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