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Anime Review: Godzilla Singular Point Episode 2

the kaiju from godzilla sp
'Godzilla Singular Point', C{Bones and Orange]

‘Godzilla Singular Point’ is a brand new Japanese Anime series that has recently been released on online platforms and broadcasted on television channels. Directed by Atsushi Takahashi, it is understood that this Anime television and web series is not quite related to Netflix’s ‘Godzilla,’ which was released, worldwide in the year 2018.

‘Godzilla Singular Point’ will be running for 13 episodes. All the episodes are scheduled to be released by the end of June 2021. The first episode of this action-based science fiction premiered on Netflix, on the 25th of March, in 2021, while ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ premiered on television channels such as Tokyo MX, KBS, BS11, and SUN on the 1st of April, in the same year itself. The opening theme song of the series is called “in case…” and the ending theme song is titled “Aoi.” These songs will be performed by BiSH and Polkadot Stingray, respectively.

The official trailer of ‘Godzilla Singular Point.’

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What is the main plot of ‘Godzilla Singular Point’?

The Netflix original titled ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ has released two episodes, as of yet. The main protagonist of this Anime television and web series is a smart female researcher named Mei Kamino. Her character has been voiced by Yume Miyamoto. Her partner, Yun Arikawa, is a talented engineer whose character has been voiced by Shoya Ishige. The main storyline of ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ has been set in the future, in the year 2030. Mei and Yun are both citizens of Tobi City.

Here, Mei researches and studies mysterious monsters. Nobody knows about the existence of such creatures. On the other hand, Yun studies deserted houses. One day, both of them came across a suspicious musical piece which made them meet each other for the very first time. This music shows them the truth of reality. The whole world desperately needs help as a huge monster has invaded it. The monster was Godzilla, who has become a threat to all living beings. Mei and Yun, collectively, decide to form a team so that they can fight Godzilla and win the battle in order to save their world.

official poster of 'Godzilla Singular Point'

The Official Poster Of ‘Godzilla Singular Point,’ C{Bones and Orange]

Recap and Review of Godzilla Singular Point Episode 2

Viewers are extremely excited to find out what is about to happen in ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ as the story slowly unravels. The second episode of this Anime series is titled “Gamesome” or “Midsummer Monster Festival” and has been directed by Daisuke Tsukushi and Takuma Suzuki. Godzilla Singular Point Episode 2. aired on the 8th of April, in 2021. Yun and his partner, Haberu (who is voiced by Taro Kikuchi), discover abnormal signals on their radar when they were at work. They understood that something was wrong as it was very alien-like. Out of curiosity, Yun and Haberu decide to go and investigate. Yun ends up entering an area where outsiders and trespassers were not allowed. Due to this, he gets arrested.

The scene switches to where Mei is, and we see how she gets attracted to an unknown musical piece. She unknowingly calls Yun and asks him about the strange signals, just before he got arrested. Not getting any concrete response, she decides to investigate by herself. Goro Otaki, who has been voiced by Wataru Takagi, gets angry at the police officers for putting one of his workers in jail. He then rescues Yun. Yun, Haberu, and Goro choose to have a discussion on the alien-like signals they had seen on their radar. Later, Mei discovers whom she spoke on a call with and then decides to get in touch with Haberu, whom she went to school with.

The episode ends when a “Kaiju” (it is a Japanese term for a strange beast) attacks the whole world. This beast was called Godzilla. Goro seemed as though he was ready to fight the enormous monster as he rescued a few people and told them to seek protection in the Jett Jaguar – a machine that was fit for a battle like this. The episode concludes with a cliffhanger as the audience has no idea if Goro will be able to defeat Godzilla. The viewers of ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ think that the storyline is a characteristic expansion of a large number of Toho’s explorations into the possibility of an off-timing among humankind and Kaiju. It is hypothesized that the danger of the Singular Point situation, which is growing to envelop every living being on earth, is the main focus of the Anime series. The other creatures that we witness in the official trailer are most probably introduced later in ‘Godzilla Singular Point.’ It makes the audience wonder if the series ends with an apocalypse.

godzilla sp characters

The Characters Of ‘Godzilla Singular Point,’ C{Bones and Orange]

When will the upcoming episodes of ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ get released, and where can you watch them?!

The official producers of ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ have not said anything about the episode schedule of the series. All that we know is that the third episode of the series will get released on the 15th of April, in 2021, a Thursday. Episode 3 is titled “Tigerish” or “Nobae’s Terror” and has been directed by Noriyuki Nomata and Takuma Suzuki. You can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ on the online platform called Netflix.

Do check on our website from time to time as we will keep it up to date with the latest information on ‘Godzilla Singular Point’!

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