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Preview: Godzilla Singular Point Episode 12

Godzilla Singular Point
Godzilla Singular Point

Yun and Haberu continue with the investigations of Godzilla. Mei is also researching how they can stop the rapid increase of Godzilla. Yun and Haberu ride on a bike, talking about the radio wave that might get emitted from Misakioku. They also talked about the skeleton that comes back. On their way, the two spot a cargo helicopter and wonder what is happening around the city—Yun and Haberu arives where the army is taking something from the basement. Godzilla Singular Point concludes next week.

The two spot Kai and wonder what business does Kai as a journalist has here. Yamamoto and his men got arrested since they have been doing illegal experiments. The vail covering something got blown away by the wind, and the two saw the skeleton of will. Haberu wonders if the choice structure is still alive, but the two head a man telling them not to move. Yun heard the sound of a gun clicking and realizes that this is the military force. The two got arrested for entering unauthorized areas.

Previously on Godzilla Singular Point Episode 11

Yun and Haberu are in front of Kai, and Haberu asks Kai why he is here. Kai replies that he is thinking of listing an item in an internet auction. Haberu wonders if Kai is a journalist moonlighting as an antique dealer. Yun asks Kai if this skeleton is a Singular Point. Kai replies that he is impressed that Yun knows everything. Kai reveals that this is the first Singular Point that Ashihara saw. Yun comments that the Singular Points gets connected in a different dimension, and its growth leads the world to a catastrophe.

Yun also said that things don’t have to exist in this world, and they must get rid of that monster. Kai replies that Yun knows something that he doesn’t, and it sounds interesting. Kai asks Yun if he will save the world or the world will get saved by Mei. Yun can’t believe that Kai is taking a risk to put the world’s fate in danger. Kai comments that, but the likes of him can control technology.

He also reveals that humanity has to continue living with the Singular Point. Yun comments that a thing is not artificial, and once destroyed, it will never exist again. Kai comments that Yun is right and asks Yun how that Godzilla get destroyed. Yun replies that Kai can wish the magical lamp, and Kai said Yun is a romanticist. Kai asks Yun if it is possible to kill that thing with the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.

Monstrous Godzilla

Godzilla Singular Point

Godzilla Singular Point

The soldiers left Yun, Haberu, Yamamoto, and his men kneeling with their hands cuffed. Yun realizes that Kai is up to something, and they have to stop him. Meanwhile, the Godzilla incidents continue in the city, and the Red Dust has covered the whole town. Different kinds of Monstrous Godzilla fight over the territory. The buildings, shops, houses got destroyed by the flames and beams coming from the Godzilla’s mouth. The Godzillas exchanges blow that continue to destroy the city.

The military army is observing the situation, wondering how they can stop the Godzilla incidents. The reporters revealed that the communication is down due to Red Dust. The second news reporter comments that Kaiju Godzilla deflected the attacks. However, there were flashes of lightning, and Godzilla continues to advance slowly. Meanwhile, Mei is at Shiva Consortium. Mei told the scientist that they have to stop catastrophe now, and he must lead her to the Super Dimension Calculator.

She insists that she will show him the proof of the disaster. Tilda replies that the Orthogonal Diagnalizer takes precedence over the catastrophe. Tilda told Mei that she would fill in for Li, who trusts Mei so much. In the city, another mighty Godzilla emerged and started rampaging. Yun, Haberu, and Jet Jaguar are ready to confront Godzilla. Sato asks if this is a virus, and Yun replied that it keeps on rewriting and upgrading itself. Finally, Mei arrives at the lake where they will find the Singular Point.

Godzilla Singular Point Episode 12 Release Date

New Godzilla Singular Point Episode 12 release date is 10 June 2021, at 10:30 PM JST. You can watch Godzilla Singular Point on Netflix.

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