Google Mid-Range Pixel To Launch In India

Google, a mega-giant in the technology field, is all set to land in the second most populated country with a wide range of surprises. The Indian smartphone market has grown by 23% and is soon predicted to overtake the USA. The rapidly expanding smartphone market of India has surpassed the US in sheer size last year. Apple has also increased its focus on the nation with 1.3 billion citizens and started to produce/manufacture in India.

It was reported that Google was working on a budget version of its Pixel smartphone, which wouldn’t be sold in the US. Between then and now, the Pixel 2 launched with no budget phone to be seen, but a new report out of India claims that the device is coming this summer.

The Economic Times reports that Google is working on a mid-range Pixel smartphone for “price-sensitive” markets, including India, that will be released in July or August, according to industry executives who recently had meetings with Google. Along with this, more smartphones and other consumer products, including smart speakers, Pixelbook, and intelligent home automation products will become available in India.

The company is also planning to market them “aggressively” to take on rivals such as Apple, Samsung, and Amazon. The details were shared by the executive who attended trade meetings held in Malaysia, the UK, and the US last month. Some Indian retailers took part in some of the meetings as well.

A piece of contemporary news suggests that Google is expected to launch the Google Home and Google Home Mini in India by the end of April. The report suggests that these smart speakers will be priced at Rs 9,999 and Rs 4,499 respectively. The Google Home Mini is priced at $49 whereas the Google Home sells for $129 in the US. The smart speakers by Google will compete with existing Amazon Echo devices, which are priced at Rs 4,499 (Echo Dot), Rs 9,999 (Echo), and Rs 14,999 (Echo Plus) in India.