Former BigHit Producer ‘ADORA’ Debuting As A Soloist In November

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Adora bighit
ADORA aka Park Soo Hyun

Finally, the former producer of BigHit (HYBE) ADORA, also known as Park Soo Hyun, will be debuting as a kpop idol. As soon as the news comes out, fans are dancing in excitement about her solo work. Since she used to be working for BigHit, ARMYs and MOAs know her as a background singer and songwriter. She has been receiving praise for her soothing and honey-coated voice. ADORA is the true example of hidden talent as she can sing, compose. Her voice in various BTS and TXT singles has been admired by fans. No wonder she was the only female producer at BigHit Label. 

There are not many background artists who receive recognization for their work but, ADORA does. However, now her time has come to shine. The news is already out that she will be soon debuting. Her new entertainment label has been making every possible effort to provide her best sources. Fans are thrilled to hear her solo work which will definitely leave you in goosebumps. Those who have not listened to her voice may not know but, ADORA possesses the voice that could charm anyone. Therefore, her solo music will be a superhit. Only a few days, then we will be introduced to her brand new side as a solo artist. 

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ADORA (Park Soo Hyun) Debuting As A Soloist

Finally, the former BTS and TXT producer Park Soo Hyun better known by her stage name ADORA will be debuting as a soloist in November under Aura Entertainment. The news has come on the trending list. Most ARMYs and MOAs know her as she used to be the producer for them. According to sources, ADORA has signed an exclusive contract with Aura Entertainment and soon will be solo debuting. Aura Entertainment is a newly established company in December 2020 and will be producing and managing solo artists. Even the company’s name AURA stands for their artists’ charms such as Adorable, Ultimate, Rare and Attractive. The company’s outlooks and purposes aim to welcome absolute irreplaceable artists. 

Adora bighit
ADORA Instagram pictures

Aura Entertainment made an official statement on 25 October 2021 stating the future activities of their upcoming star ADORA. The company talked about their exclusive contract with former BigHit producer ADORA. The label announced that they would spare no effort to support her. Her excellent songwriting and composing ability will be finally appreciated. She will be Aura’s first successful kpop artist. Aura Entertainment will be introducing two artists, including ADORA. They also added that their new contract signifies the end of ADORA’s collaborations with BigHit (HYBE) Entertainment. 

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Aura’s First Solo Artist ADORA

Park Soo Hyun is a South Korean songwriter and record producer, better known by her stage name ADORA. In the beginning, she used to be a trainee under Music K Entertainment. ADORA supposed to be debut as a member of the kpop girl group ‘The Ark.’ However, for some unknown reason, she did not end up debuting. In 2016, ADORA was recruited by BigHit (HYBE) through the audition called ‘2016 Next New Creator.’ Since then, she had been working for BigHit and used to be the only female producer at the time. ADORA moved out from BigHit (HYBE) and joined Aura Entertainment. 

It is reported that ADORA will be the first of two artists launched by the company. It seems the label is putting so much effort into her successful debut as a kpop idol. ADORA has been working for a while, and currently, she is in the final stage of the new project. Therefore, she will be making her debut as a soloist idol in November 2021. The exact date and further details are not announced yet. 

Her Previous Work

As we mentioned, ADORA used to be BigHit’s in-house producer. She also worked as a background singer for BTS and TXT and even composed songs, such as BTS’s ‘Spring Day,’ ‘Idol,’ ‘Boy With Luv,’ ‘Love Maze,’ etc. Over the years, ARMYs have recognized her voice in various music pieces such as ‘Home’ ‘134340’, Suga’s single ‘Seesaw’ in which she was co-composer. Furthermore, she has even penned down for TXT’s ‘Wishlist,’ ‘Maze in the Mirror,’ etc. ADORA even composed for the label’s former girl group GFRIEND’s ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Siren’s Call.’ Now, the time has come for her to glow on the dazzling stage of Kpop’s world. Since her debut news is out, fans are excited to hear her beautiful melody-like voice and wish her wholeheartedly. Hopefully, the solo debut brings her more recognition, love, and success.

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