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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier: Everything So Far

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Square Enix has announced two new games for mobile devices. Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier and Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.  The first one will be a battle royale. The second game will offer a single-player experience. Both titles will be free-to-play. This article is about the first game i.e Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Its teaser trailer was launched officially on Youtube 6 days ago and it has had a lot of mixed reactions. A bit more weight on the negative side. First, let’s talk about what we know about this game.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is going to be a battle royale game. Yes, you read it right. Square Enix has also jumped on the bandwagon of building Battle royale games for mobile devices. Final Fantasy being a huge franchise, Square Enix expects this will help their battle royale game to excel and beat others in this niche. The game is focused on Soldiers. A group of enhanced fighters plays an important role in FFVII’s story. A multiplayer battle royale seems like a strange way to tell a story like that, but the trailer at least shows some iconic FFVII locales and what looks like fast-paced combat involving both weapons and magic.

A Surprise Element?

If you have seen the teaser trailer then you would have noticed one different element, that is the appearance of monsters in the battle royale scenario. Final Fantasy VII series director Tetsuya Nomura has said that it is a “leveling up from defeating monsters” RPG mechanic. He also said that there won’t be a lot of storytelling, but that you’ll be able to play solo or in three-person teams. The title first soldier means it is some kind of a prequel story. Indeed it is, this game is set three decades before the original game. The teaser trailer was kind of good. There was a lot of action, magic being cast in the form of fireballs, cures and shield barriers, and yes the big monsters. But according to some testers of the gameplay, the game isn’t as smooth as other battle royales out there. The gameplay looks slow and clunky.

This game is also coming on consoles along with mobile devices or you can say it the other way around. With the ban of PUBG in India and lack of competition from any other games, COD stands on top in the mobile battle royale section. It will be interesting to see if this Final Fantasy battle royale strikes a chord with the mobile gamers or not. Talking about consoles, it will be a tough ask to beat games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and COD. Those games are almost perfect in every department and the gameplay testing of Final Fantasy suggests there is a long way to go. The majority of the fans are also not happy because of the battle royale format. By looking at the game title, the first thought they had was it will be a story mode game set years before the main game timeline. They were right about the timeline but completely wrong about the game plot.

Final Fantasy VII monsters

Release Date

The release date is not set yet but Final Fantasy VII is expected to release in 2021. Even after a higher percentage of negative reviews from the fans, Final Fantasy is still one of the most anticipated games of 2021. One of the reasons being its huge name in the industry. If you have never ever played a final fantasy game, maybe you can try this game out and get to know about the characters and monsters. There is no storyline so you do not have to worry about keeping track of the things happening. All you must know is how to fire and escape from the firing. That is what it takes to excel in the battle royale format. doesn’t it?. Tell us what are your thoughts after seeing the teaser trailer. Are you happy with this format or are you on the negative side? Write it down in the comments section below.

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