Evil Eye Ending Explained: Who Is The Baby?

Evil Eye Ending Explained
Evil Eye

The story highlights a strong relationship between a mother and a daughter. Sometimes, their bond can be too overbearing. The constant pressures from the mother have finally coerced her into the dating aspect of her life. Sarita Choudhary has portrayed the role of Usha as the mother and Sunita Mani as the daughter Pallavi. Usha had to move away to Delhi and this, in turn, gave her anxiety because Pallavi has been in her mind always. The characters immediately became popular for the portrayal of two very complex characters. The creators of this film didn’t hesitate to bring in such enthralling concepts. The ending of Evil Eye will give you an unexpected twist.

Evil Eye is based on the audio drama of Madhuri Shekar. At first, it seems like the mother is deeply hurt by the past that she hid in her heart. And that’s making her prevent her daughter from falling into the same trap. But as the story moves on, everything changes according to it. It’s got much more to it than you think. Pallavi’s involvement with a new man has become a topic of concern for Usha. Everybody else is accustomed to the new man. But there is something about it that stings Usha’s intuitions. Usha’s actions can get you to feel exasperated. In the ending of Evil eye, things take a different turn when her instincts are hitting on the right spot.

Evil Eye Plot Summary

Evil Eye maintained the connection between modern and traditional culture. The film begins off with a calming note, it’s pretty obvious to have a mother-daughter relationship on your screen. But as the story moves forward, the dynamics of the whole plot seem to be changing. Well, speaking of Usha, her concern for Pallavi’s personal life is seemingly growing day by day. Even though the duo is close to each other, there’s a thin line that separates the two generations. Pallavi is currently in California, whereas Usha is in Delhi, India.

Usha had a history of an abusive ex-boyfriend
Omar Maskati as Sandeep

Usha is heavily concerned for her 29-year-old daughter and finally convinces her for a blind date. But, things didn’t work out the way it was supposed to. Pallavi ends up meeting up with another guy Sandeep. Everything about him is close to perfect, his intentions meant no harm to her, but he would never disclose any secrets about himself. Pallavi quickly announces this to her mother, but her happiness turned into a pile of concerns immediately. Well, something doesn’t sit right with Usha’s mind. She quickly hires a private detective to ransack every little detail about Sandeep.

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Whereas astrologers find a phenomenal connection between the two love birds. Usha reluctantly refuses to believe his actions. Through the investigator, Usha interprets multiple events in his past relationships. And this ignites the fire of her instincts. Sandeep in turn persuades Pallavi to become a writer, and the two quickly move in together. By now, Usha is completely helpless, as her daughter is engraved in her relationship. Pallavi ends up telling Usha that all his actions are for her betterment. But this didn’t provide any reassurance to her, it triggered her even more.

‘He Is Back’

Usha believes that her actions have made their way back. A mother’s intuition is never wrong it seems, behind all this fear, Usha is constantly trapped amidst the reality and trauma of her past. And now, she is extremely terrified that it has found its next prey. Usha is convinced about Sandeep’s identity. She believes that he is the reincarnation of her abusive and violent ex Rakesh. She begins connecting all the dots and realises that Sandeep is a man filled with multiple and mysterious secrets.

Sandeep is the reincarnation of Rakesh
Sunita Mani as Pallavi

Nobody notices her painful and voiceless cries for her daughter. But all her concerns are swept away with the crazy tag. Soon, the couple gets engaged, and this rips off a huge piece from Usha’s heart. Usha’s husband convinces her to open all the barriers for the newly engaged couple. And so does she. With time, things started to fall back into their original place. But still, Usha decides to share all the details about her former lover. She talks about her painful encounter and his constant attempts to kill her. Usha’s desperate efforts to escape become successful while he fell into the water.

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On the same night, Usha welcomes her baby girl Pallavi. Sandeep becomes extremely annoyed to have her mother on her toes. The next call from Sandeep causes her whole world to crumble down. And guess what? Sandeep is a part of Usha’s worst nightmare. He ends up confessing about his reincarnation, and now his motives are entirely different. His vengeance is driving him towards Pallavi’s life. He presents his demands to Usha, and she travels to America. Wherein they meet each other secretly. Sandeep’s warning makes Usha terrified of losing her daughter forever.

Evil Eye Ending Explained

The movie explains the most common yet terrifying truth about an individual’s actions. It will surely find a way to come back to you. By Sandeep’s demands, Usha silently waits to sweep her daughter away from there. When they’re having conversations with each other, even the tiniest things trigger Sandeep’s mind. And soon, the arguments began to heat up. Sandeep and Pallavi confront Usha for her mental stability. On the other hand, Sandeep assures her that they’ll help her. But throughout the whole scene, Usha is well-aware of his actions and realises that Sandeep will soon give in to his rage.

This film is produced by Blumhouse productions and Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Sarita Choudhary as Usha

And soon, he shouts at her and advises her to be quiet to which Pallavi instantly questions their connection. Sandeep gets a huge fit of rage and begins attacking both of them. After being stabbed and nearly drowned to death, Usha saves Pallavi by hitting him on the head. The two finally make their way to the hospital, Towards the ending of Evil Eye, there are no obvious signs of Sandeep’s death, but the film confirms his death through several indirect scenes. Soon, the scene moves back to a newborn baby, whose cries filled the whole hospital floor. The baby symbolises the connection in the rebirth cycle. As Sandeep will be back soon.

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