Erased Universes Will Not Be Restored


The Tournament of Power is one of the most, if not the most exciting arcs in Dragon Ball Super. I think the fans had a mixed reaction towards this arc once it began, but now, everyone is loving it. Eight Universes took part in the Tournament of Power, and these included Universe 2, Universe 3, Universe 4, Universe 6, Universe 7, Universe 9, Universe 10, and Universe 11.

There are also other five Universes which haven’t taken part in the Tournament of Power, and these are the ones that have a higher average mortal level. Zeno was originally going to erase all the Universes he considered weak, but now, thanks to Son Goku, each and every Universe has a chance to fight for their own survival.

However, a big question that has been bothering almost everyone in the fandom is what will happen at the end of the Tournament of Power. Most people think that Goku will win the Tournament of Power, and because of that, he is going to ask a wish to restore each and every destroyed Universe back like they were before. In the previous episode, Vegeta even added fuel to fire, when he said if he won, he would ask for Universe 6 to be restored.

So, if Goku won I’m pretty certain he’d ask for the rest of the Universes being restored, because he is just like that. But, what many don’t realize is that Goku cannot make a wish by himself. He does not speak the language of the Gods. So, any wish he wants is going to have to get through the Gods first.

Let me put it this way. Zeno wants to erase the Universes, and if Goku would just ask for them back, I don’t think that is something the Grand Priest and Zeno will approve of. The whole purpose of the Tournament of Power would be defeated if things take such a turn some time ahead in the end of the Tournament of Power arc. I do not think this is going to happen. So what exactly will happen? Will the Universes really be destroyed?

Not really. What I think will happen is, Goku will ask for Universes to be restored, which Zeno won’t agree to. After that, Goku will suggest the population of every Universe be moved to Universe 7. That way, Zeno won’t have to bother looking over so many Universes at once, and the other Universes won’t be killed off. The God of Destruction of the Universe that ends up winning will be the one God of Destruction to rule them all, while the rest will return to being mortals.

Now, this is just my opinion, and not a fact. So, you can either support this idea, or not. Let me know what you think about it in the comments section below. I’ll see you guys soon.


Dragon Ball Super Confirms Jiren Is Stronger Than All God of Destruction

Jiren is hands down the most powerful mortal in the whole multiverse right now. His power is only rivaled by another mortal (that’s Goku). But even Goku is no match for Jiren when he is not in his Ultra Instinct state. The rumor about a mortal who even makes a God of Destruction cry was confirmed in the Dragon Ball Super anime, but this mortal was never named. However, things might change because of Toppo’s (earlier) revelation.

Jiren is officially the mortal who is stronger than a God of Destruction. Toppo confirmed that in the latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga. After the mini Tournament of Power between the Gods of Destruction, the two Zeno-samas were too slow to comprehend the battle of the Gods of Destruction. Goku heard that because the tournament isn’t exciting for the two Zenos, he proposed that the participants should be mortals not Gods of Destruction.

And because of this, Grand Priest ordered Goku and Toppo to fight. There was no Universe 9 vs Universe 7 in the manga, but they have the battle of the Gods, so I think that’s more preferred (I don’t know about you, guys).

In the anime, Goku vs Toppo ended up in a draw. But in the manga, Toppo was declared the winner after Goku has let his guard down again. Toppo is also friendlier than Goku here. And the most important part is when Toppo revealed that Jiren is actually stronger than Belmod.

Now, Belmod is not a weak God of Destruction. Earlier in the chapter,

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