ENHYPEN’s Repackaged Album ‘DIMENSION : ANSWER’ Reaches Astonishing Stock Pre-Orders

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Enhypen Dimension Answer

The upcoming repackaged album of ENHYPEN, ‘DIMENSION : ANSWER,’ has already surpassed an astounding number of stock pre-orders! ENHYPEN paving their way to the top in the tough competitive era of veteran kpop bands like BTS, EXO, Seventeen, and many more. Their efforts have been paying off as ENHYPEN has already become the fastest and youngest kpop band to pass 1 million sales for the album ‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA.’ Just like Dilemma rocking the kpop industry, the upcoming repackaged version ‘DIMENSION : ANSWER’ is ready to set this new year on fire!

Even before its release, ENHYPEN’s ‘DIMENSION : ANSWER’ has made an impressive result on the album’s stock pre-order report. The stock pre-order number shows the quantity of album stock produced before its release. The stock pre-order figure is estimated using various factors, such as how many albums are pre-ordered by fans. Witnessing stock pre-orders already achieving an outstanding figure, it seems ENGENEs are ready to welcome their beloved ENHYPEN in 2022!

ENHYPEN’s Repackages Album ‘DIMENSION : ANSWER’- Release Date & Stock Pre-Orders Details

Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music (ENHYPEN’s album distributors) reported that the band’s first repackaged album, ‘DIMENSION : ANSWER,’ has already exceeded 630,000 stock pre-orders as of 8 January 2022. As we mentioned, the stock pre-order figure reveals how many albums fans have pre-ordered. With the 6 digits figure, it seems ENHYPEN is ready to rock this new year with their upcoming repackaged album ‘DIMENSION : ANSWER’! 

Enhypen Dimension Answer
Enhypen Dimension Answer Concept Photo

‘DIMENSION : ANSWER’ is the repackaged version of the group’s first studio album ‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA.’ The studio album had pulled up 920,000 stock pre-orders before its release in October 2021.

Now fans should get ready to listen to ENHYPEN’s DIMENSION : ANSWER, which will be released on 10 January 2022 at 6 pm KST. The repackaged album will be available on various major music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, MelOn, Spotify, and many more. It includes the eight songs from ‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA’ and the new three tracks Blessed-Cursed (Title Track), Polaroid Love, and Outro: Day 2 are also added. 

ENHYPEN’s repackaged album has two versions, the ‘No’ version and the ‘Yet’ version. Also, the individual MV teasers of the title track ‘Blessed-Cursed’ are already out, which has already hyped the fans! 

Check out ENHYPEN’s NI-KI‘s Blessed-Cursed Teaser Below:

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