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Appealing Emma Stone Facts That You Didn’t Know

Emma Stone with blonde hair

Hollywood has sparked her name for a long time. But for many of us, Emma Stone’s name has started to ascend and has become a great deal since 2012. At that time, she appeared as Gwen Stacy in the first film, The Amazing Spider-Man, a month after Marvel rocked the big screen stage with The Avengers.

Emma Stone is an American actress who stars in many film titles. Emma managed to steal the attention thanks to her acting in the musical drama film ‘La La Land’ in 2016.

Not only is her acting ability extraordinary, but this 32-year-old actress has also received various awards. Emma Stone is also named as the highest-paid actress of 2017 and is listed as the 100 most influential figures in the world according to Time magazine.

Many fans of Emma Stone know how her life journey to become a top Hollywood star. But for those of you who are new to her, there are several interesting facts about Emma. What are they? Let’s check them out!

She is, of course, our new Cruella.

Emma Stone as Cruella

Not long ago, Emma Stone is also rumored to be playing in the film Cruella, the story of a woman who admires Dalmation dog fur. Before the film airs, you should first consider the following facts about Emma Stone that you shouldn’t miss.

In the trailer, Emma wears Cruella’s iconic black and white hairstyle while wearing the perfect smokey eye and some bold lipstick. Back in August, Disney shared the announcement of a film about Emma Stone walking with three typical Dalmatian dogs with the figure of Cruella De Vil.

Emma’s own Cruella de Vil follows Glenn Close’s portrayal of the Disney character in 1996’s “101 Dalmatians” and in the 2000 film “102 Dalmatians”. The film “Cruella” itself will focus on the backstory of the villain.

Of course, we couldn’t wait to see her portrayal o the iconic Disney character.

Almost using the name “Riley.”

emma stone

Emma Stone in ‘La La Land (2016)

This woman, who was born on November 6, 1988, was born with the real name Emily Jean Stone. She was forced to change her name when she entered the Screen Actors Guild, one of the film organizations in America. Because in the organization, there is already a person with the nickname Emily Stone.

He had chosen the name “Riley” to change the name “Emily.” However, that name sounded far from the real name. Emma realized she is not the type of person who is responsive when addressed by the name Riley. As a result, she changed her name again to Emma ​​and is attached to her identity to this day.

Jennifer Lawrence is her best friend

Emma Stone with Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are two Hollywood actresses who are known for their close friendship. Both of them also have quite good talents in the acting world. The various awards they have won prove the success of both of them in the world of Hollywood acting. At the prestigious Golden Globes 2018 film award event, there was a unique incident that occurred between these two friends.

One time, Emma Stone asked Jennifer Lawrence to accompany her to attend the 2018 Golden Globes after-party. Jennifer Lawrence is also preparing to become her best friend’s date. Jennifer also called in her makeup team to dress her up, but after party tickets for herself and Emma Stone, and rent a car. Jennifer also seemed excited to attend this prestigious event.

Unfortunately, Emma Stone suddenly canceled the plan. Emma Stone walked into Jennifer Lawrence’s house at midnight on Sunday. She decided not to attend the 2018 Golden Globes after-party because she was lazy. Emma chose to spend the night at Jennifer Lawrence’s house.

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Drops out from school to pursue Hollywood career

Emma Stone for Louis Vuitton campaign

Emma only spent one semester at Xavier College Preparatory, a Catholic high school in Phoenix, Arizona. She then decided to quit school to pursue her dream of acting. After leaving, Emma attended homeschooling for two years. She started her acting career when she was 11 years old at the Valley Youth Theater in Phoenix.

Before striving to be the best in the film industry, Emma struggled with her parents. When she was 15 years old, she made a PowerPoint presentation to convince her parents to let her move to Hollywood. She gave the presentation the title ‘Project Hollywood’ and was accompanied by Madonna’s song ‘Hollywood.’

Not immediately successful, Emma’s first job was baking bread in a bakery for dogs. Emma Stone’s first main role was recorded when she starred in the film Easy A (2010). Emma plays Olive, a teenage girl who is caught in a case of losing her virginity and drugs. This teenage comedy and romance film was quite successful in attracting public attention, getting a score of 7.2 / 10 on IMDB from 192 thousand reviewers.

Originally panned for appearing in ‘Little Women’ (2019)

Emma Stone in ‘The Favourite’

At first, the role of Amy March will be played by Emma Stone. But canceled because she was busy promoting the film The Favorite (2018). On the other hand, Stone took over the role of Mia in La La Land (2016) from Emma Watson, who at that time focused on the film project Beauty and the Beast (2017). It feels like either Emma Stone and Emma Watson keep exchanging roles to each other

She is a big Spice Girls fan.

Emma Stone finally met Spice Girls at a concert.

Born on November 6, 1988, her real name is Emily Jean Stone. Since elementary school, she is often called Emma. The reason is, he is a big fan of the Spice Girls, while Baby Spice or Emma Bunton is her favorite personnel.

In an interview with Graham Norton, she was also freaking when Graham told her that Spice Girs was about to come on the how. Sadly, it was just a prank, and Emma was disappointed. Regardless, it was still funny, and the video has more than eight million views by now.

Her hair color is originally blonde.

Emma Stone with blonde hair

What’s pretty? Blonde or red?

Although known as a red-haired actress, Emma’s real hair is blonde. It was Judd Apatow, producer of the film Superbad (2007), who suggested changing hair color while playing in the film.

Unexpectedly, Emma also likes and maintains that color. But now, her hair color keeps on changing depending on the current roles she is taking.

Twists and Turns of Playing in Superhero Movies

In 2006 Emma auditioned for the Heroes series for the role of Claire Bennet. Unfortunately, she lost, and the role fell to Hayden Panettiere. She called the experience “rock bottom”, the worst moment of her life.

Six years later, due to conflicting schedules, Emma left the main role in the film 21 Jump Street (2012) and chose The Amazing Spider-Man. There, Emma was involved in a love location with the main character, Andrew Garfield. They also continue to be together until now.

She owns a musical talent.

Emma Stone singing in a scene of ‘Easy A.’

Not only good at character, but Emma also has musical talents. Over the years, he learned to play bass. She continued to hone her musical skills for the film The Rocker, which was released in 2008. In the same year, Emma also played in the film The House Bunny and sang the song I Know What Boys Like the film. After that, in 2010, Emma also returned to show off her singing skills in the film Easy A.

But of course, her singing and dancing skill shone through her mega success film ‘La La Land’ in 2016 in which she sang multiple musical numbers and later got an Oscar for it.

She has the same tattoo as her mother.

Emma Stone with her mom on a red carpet

In 2010, Emma got the same tattoo as her mother. The tattoo was made to celebrate her mother’s freedom, who was successfully cured of breast cancer.

The tattoo features a bird’s footprint, which refers to her mother’s absolute favorite song, The Beatles’ ‘Blackbird.’ What’s more interesting is that one of the Beatles’ mates, Paul McCartney, designed the tattoo himself for Emma Stone and her mother.

She has three phobias.

Emma Stone at the La La Land premiere

Scenes in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, where Emma is held high by Ryan Gosling. Despite playing in the film The Amazing Spider-Man, Emma is very afraid of spiders. Evidently, Emma was scared to death when Ellen DeGeneres scared her with a toy spider during an interview.

Just like Jackie Chan, Emma is also afraid of needles. Meanwhile, the third phobia is when she is lifted above the head. This is a challenge for Emma while filming Crazy, Stupid, Love. In the film, she was appointed high by her co-star, Ryan Gosling. Not surprisingly, he broke both arms at the age of seven while doing gymnastics on the parallel bars.

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