Eden’s Zero Chapter 20 – What Is Homura’s Ether Gear?

Ether Gears are starting to shape up the story of Eden’s Zero. In the latest chapter, the mysterious girl from before is revealed to be Homura, and she has an Ether Gear which is not revealed yet. There are also Ether Gear users in the side of the criminals like Jin. In Eden’s Zero chapter 20, we might see a clash of Ether Gears in the battle that will ensue in Planet Guilst.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 20 – An Ingenious Escape Plan?

The Planet Guist is way worse than what we previously imagined it to be. Piles of skulls of humans and machines alike are scattered everywhere. Even Rebecca and the other girls are taken forcibly and became a property for someone who is called Illeega, which might be connected to Sister. It is revealed in the latest chapter that Sister is one of the four Star Shines and is the Star of Life. Did she became evil and became an enemy?

Meanwhile, Ether Gear users are being introduced one by one in the recent chapters. First, it was the Wind Ether Gear user, Jin. Now, even Homura got an Ether Gear, and we only know how her for two chapters. Others are betting that her Ether Gear is an anti-thesis of Shiki’s Gravity Gears because, for some reason, she wanted to have a battle with Shiki. If her claim is true that her gear would be a great help in saving Rebecca, then her Ether Gear might be one of a kind.

edens zero chapter 20

Hopefully, we will know more about her past in Eden’s Zero chapter 20. Even Witch seem to recognize her gear, which means that she might’ve seen it before, probably from Homura’s master. Is Rebecca already considered a gear user? If that’s the case, then maybe we will finally see what the power that he got from Eden’s Zero’s mysterious bath is. It might help her and the other prisoners to escape.

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