Eden’s Zero Chapter 17 – Lavillia Kidnapped? Another Star Shine?

Shiki and the others made their way to the Blue Garden guild in the last chapter of Eden’s Zero. It was also revealed in the last chapter that the Demon King Ziggy had four Star Shines and gathering them back in the ship will make the journey away from the Sakura Galaxy possible. In Eden’s Zero chapter 17, will they encounter another of Demon King’s Star Shine?

Eden’s Zero Chapter 17 – Lavillia Kidnapped?

It was revealed in the last chapter that there is a room in Ziggy’s ship that can only be opened with the presence of a Star Shine member. The room is called “Sister,” and even Shiki, who is the new Demon King, cannot open the door. The term “Sister” will appear again in the last part where an unknown Android is targetting Lavilla, a B-cuber that bullies Rebecca. What is the connection between Lavillia and the “Sister”?

The new character at the end of the chapter might be an Android and might be one of Ziggy’s Star Shine. It is worthy to note that E4 mentioned a Star Shine coming on to the Blue Garden. The last page of chapter 16 introduced the new character as “A mysterious sharp-eyed man. What does the command “Sister” mean? And the fact that what he wears is somewhat similar to the clothes that can be found in the ship. Is this man one of Demon King Ziggy’s Four Star Shine?

edens zero chapter 17

In Eden’s Zero chapter 17, we might also see Rebecca use another Ether Gear with Happy. Will Shiki finally get his first ever mission as an adventurer? Or will they focus on reaching mother and making a video out of it? The next chapter is titled “Collection,” and it might mean collecting the Star Shine Androids that left when E4 decided to stay in the ship. Hopefully, this mysterious Android, who is planning to kidnap Lavilla, will be one of the allies in the future.

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