Vegeta and Goku were equal before, with the Super Saiyan Blue as their strongest form. Then, Goku managed to get ahead of Vegeta with the Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 10. He later surpassed the latter with yet another ground-breaking transformation, the Ultra Instinct. And while all of those happens, Vegeta was there, polishing his Super Saiyan Blue form.

And now that he reached a new level that no one has reached before, our Prince of all Saiyans can laugh at Goku. Even though this new SSB level is weaker than the Ultra Instinct, the fact that Vegeta finally reached a new transformation on his own is a new start for him.

But how powerful is this new transformation? Is he on the current level as Goku’s SSB Kaioken x 20? Or is he actually beyond the SSB x 20? Is this a new level of the Super Saiyan God transformation? What is the name of the newest transformation? Is it the fan-made Migatte Blue? Or is this the Super Saiyan Blue Limit Breaker like how Krillin penned it?

The real question now is, is he stronger than Super Saiyan Blue Goku? Probably. But is he stronger than the SSB Kaioken? Now, this is where the uncertainty lies. Kaioken level can be increased, and with this, Goku can make Vegeta run for the hill again for surpassing him easily. Kaioken is the best level-reaching advantage that Goku has, with the hefty price of stamina.

It this Ultra Instinct infused with SSB? I would like to think that this is the mastered form of Super Saiyan Blue, where Vegeta uses the full potential of the form and more. But you know, Grand Priest seem to think otherwise. This is a good news for us Vegeta fans out there. Jeets might actually get the Ultra Instinct.



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