Hey there Dragon Ball fans we have some brand-new information coming in pretains to Dragon Ball Super episode 112 spoilers, in conjunction to a major event that’s going to happen in the upcoming episode, something to where I don’t think anybody has ever seen coming.

According to the spoilers it reveals a shocking event in the upcoming episode. Dragon Ball Super episode 112 entitled: “A Saiyan’s Pledge! Vegeta’s Resolve!!

The description goes as follows: “The pride and bonds of a Saiyan! Vegeta rescues Cabba!!

Now that Universe 6 has lost Hit, the other universes take advantage and go after them! Admist this, Vegeta goes to try and rescue his disciple Cabba!!.”

So not a single person in the Dragon Ball community would have ever expected for someone like Hit to be wrung out, because according to this it looks like it says that Universe 6 has lost Hit every other universe begins to target Champa. This is a major, major twist going forward in the world of Dragon Ball, because how many people actually expected according to these spoilers, for Hit to be out of the tournament so quickly.

So it looks like if anything the confrontation with Jiren might be Hit’s last confrontation in the tournament, because we have seen what happened between Goku and Jiren during their battle. We understand that Jiren is on an equivalent level to a God of Destruction, if not beyond that according to Whis. So taking everything that Hit is capable of as an assassain, as a fighter, his skills, and techniques it looks like even that won’t be enough to put Jiren down.

So only making the assumption that it’s Jiren, the one that’s going to take down Hit, but the question lingers: Where do we go from here? Because quite honest I enjoy Hit and his character and personaly feel if this ends up being true, if Hit does end up wrung out of the Tournament of Power by Jiren, it only goes to further show that we won’t be getting a Vegeta vs Hit rematch.

Something a lot of us wanted to see and also seeing Frieza vs Hit, Goku vs Hit. But according to that it looks like what’s gonna be happening in the upcoming episode for Dragon Ball Super 111 it looks like this is going to be Hit’s final moments in the tournament as he throws down with Jiren. Now I don’t really have that big of an issue in seeing Jiren combat Hit and ringing him out, because he is the most dominant force in this tournament so far and nobody can deny that.

But what are your thoughts on Vegeta saving his disciple Cabba? What are your thoughts on Jiren vs Hit? Do you think this is 100% accurate and we’ll never see a Vegeta and Hit rematch? Again let me know about all this and again as always I will see you on the next one see ya!