Hey guys. Today’s episode was just fantastic. I can really describe it. Each and every one of us was hyped up for this episode and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Again the main focus of the episode was Jiren. It’s fairly obvious. Whenever Jiren has been involved in an episode, there’s not a single time when the fans haven’t talked about him. Today’s episode wasn’t any different. Jiren was fighting both Gokū and Vegeta, as we had in the previous episode albeit both Gokū and Vegeta have powered up.

A thing that I’d like to mention is that Jiren has powered up as well. He has increased probably close to maximum, which hints that Jiren is serious now and he’s looking to end it. Belmod said that it’s been a very long time since he has seen Jiren this powerful. Also, Jiren has acknowledged that Vegeta is a worthy opponent and he calls him a warrior. Belmod and Kai again point it out that for Jiren to say such a thing, it is indeed an honor for Vegeta. Moving swiftly forward, Gokū and Vegeta attack Jiren. It was two on one fight. Gokū and Vegeta are actually lacking teamwork. Just a reminder that Gokū was using the Kaioken while as Vegeta was fighting in his latest form.

Vegeta achieved this form by breaking through his shell, just like Gokū as pointed out by the Grand Priest. Their coordination is totally off balance and normally you’d expect it not to work against someone as strong as Jiren. However, on the contrary, their lack of coordination seems to have put off Jiren. This is the first time that I have seen Jiren like this. Vegeta and Gokū’s lack of coordination was supposed to play into Jiren’s hands, however, it seems to have causing Jiren some problem.

I’m really amazed by the tremendous quality of the episode. Jiren is an amazing character, his badass levels just keep on increasing. Earlier I believed that Jiren wouldn’t go any further, but he has proved me and a lot of fans wrong. Jiren has still got ways to go and I’d like to point out that Jiren keeps on growing with each fight, kind of like our protagonist, Son Goku. So, the more difficult the challenge, the more powerful Jiren gets after that fight.

I do believe that Jiren’s final fight against Gokū will boil down to who has more potential and the one who has more potential out of the two will end up winning the Tournament for their team.
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[SPOILER] Just Revealed His True Power In The Latest DBS Episode

Hey guys. I’m speechless. The new episode was brilliant, I can’t believe it. It was too good to be true. I’d go as far as to say that this was the finest episode since the one hour special that we had last year. As excited as I am, I really ought to appreciate the quality of this episode and also, talk about the highlight of the episode. The highlight from the episode was Jiren.

I mean there’s no way you can’t acknowledge the fact that Jiren has surpassed all his predecessors who have been involved in the Dragon Ball franchise. Jiren’s power is just too much. Before today’s episode, Jiren easily managed to match both Gokū and Vegeta in a fight. Now in today’s episode, we were waiting to see how far can Vegeta’s new mode take him. I’m disappointed to say that Vegeta’s new form, is pretty far away from Gokū’s Ultra Instinct.

I mean it surely does increase his power, but as we know that Ultra Instinct Gokū was able to match Jiren(he wasn’t at full power). In today’s episode, both Gokū and Vegeta were fighting Jiren and still failed to come out on top. If Vegeta’s new form was anything close to Son Goku’s Ultra Instinct, then the two of them would have been more than enough for Jiren. But that’s not the case as you saw Jiren still coming out on top. The reason? Easy. Jiren powered up once again.

It was revealed by Belmod and Kai that they have not seen Jiren like this in a very long time. It is both good and bad news for the fighters of Universe 7. Good news in the sense that they finally managed to push Jiren so far that Jiren had to unleash maybe 90-95% of his power. We still don’t know if that is his power or not. The bad news is that Jiren has increased his power and thus, he has decided to stop playing around and take down the entire Universe 7 on his own.

I can’t get my head around the whole thing. How can Jiren still be hiding some of his power?
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