Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about the end of Dragon Ball Super, and where the series will take Goku from here. When you look at it, Goku has always been getting stronger with each enemy that he’s faced. Even in the most difficult situations, he has sprung forth and created paths to victory.

This has been the case when he fought Vegeta back in Saiyan Saga, or even when he fought against Freeza on Namek. Even now in Dragon Ball Super, Goku has always been surpassing his limits constantly. That’s how it works. He fights someone stronger than him, and finds some way to surpass them. That’s the Goku we know, and love, of course. However, now that Dragon Ball Super is ending, where does that leave Goku?

To be honest, Goku is already at his limit right now. Despite being a Saiyan, Goku can’t get any stronger from Zenkai boosts anymore. I think you all are aware of the fact that both Goku and Vegeta get a minimal power boost when they return from a near death situation now. The only way they can get stronger now is by training their bodies. Goku has already mastered Super Saiyan Blue in the manga, so he can’t take it any further.

He even managed to add Kaio-ken x20 on top of that, and that’s all that he can handle. Normally, that would make him pretty strong. But it isn’t enough when you compare him with the likes of Beerus, or maybe Jiren. This is where Ultra Instinct comes in. The final power-up in Goku’s bag is Ultra Instinct.

It is a state that not even the Gods can achieve easily. Earlier, he didn’t have perfect control over Ultra Instinct, so there was a lot of room for improvement. However, that’s not the case anymore. Goku has now mastered this ability as well, and he’s probably stronger than a God of Destruction now. Where does he go from here? Logically speaking, I think Goku is at his peak now.

He cannot go any further than Mastered Ultra Instinct. This is likely going to be Goku’s final power up ever. He can’t stack it with Blue either, because that would defeat the purpose of Ultra Instinct, since it works only when one isn’t thinking. I don’t think they can possibly make him stronger than this. Despite Goku always getting stronger, and stronger, I think this is it. He’s broken through his shell completely, and now he’s at the peak of his ability. But of course, if Toriyama decides to take him even further beyond, he can find ways to do so.


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