The Tournament of Power is going on with just thirteen minutes remaining now. We know that out of the total of twelve Universes, eight Universes took part in the Tournament of Power, which were Universe two, three, four, six, seven, nine, ten, and eleven. The remaining Universes didn’t take part because they had a higher average mortal level, so they didn’t need to.

Out of the eight participating Universes, Universe nine and Universe ten were erased very early, and that left us with six Universes in the Tournament of Power. But, in Dragon Ball Super Episode 118, we saw that more Universes were close to their limits, two more got erased. These happened to be Universe two and Universe six. Universe two was relying on Ribrianne, and Rozie, and even they weren’t all that powerful.

Once they were eliminated, Universe two didn’t seem to have a better option, but they did fight valiantly, and their warriors achieved powers that not even Ribrianne had attained. Either way, they had to go. Universe six followed them, and both of them were erased in the same Episode of Dragon Ball Super. Universe six elimination was huge, and they were fan favourites. So, their elimination did hit everyone hard.

I’m pretty sure about that. So now, with Universe two and Universe six out of the way, we have only four more Universes remaining, and the time that’s left is about thirteen minutes. Right now, Universe three, Universe four, Universe seven, and Universe eleven are the only ones, who are still surviving, and I think everyone just knows that Universe eleven will make it to the end.

Universe seven will likely follow them to the end, just because all of our heroes are from Universe seven. So, that leaves us with Universe three and Universe four. Thanks to the spoilers for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super, which were translated by Herms98. We now know that the next Universe to be erased will be in Episode 120 of Dragon Ball Super. That Universe is Universe four.

Quitela and Universe four are going to be eliminated next, and while most did think that Universe three will be next. I always thought that Universe four would be the next one to go. Shantsa will likely be eliminated from the Tournament of Power in the next episode, which is Episode 119. That leaves Universe seven with Damom and Gamisaras, who will be defeated, and ultimately, Universe four will be erased.

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