I know, Jiren barely showed his face in episode 126 of Dragon Ball Super. Vegeta showing us just how great a warrior he is, as he surpassed the level of a God of Destruction. However, while doing so, Vegeta actually almost cost Universe seven the tournament,t and almost let win Jiren win, which would have caused Zeno to erase Universe seven forever.

I mean yes, Vegeta did defeat an incredibly dangerous fighter in the God of Destruction trainee from Universe eleven, which now means that Universe seven can fight Jiren four on one. As much as these were great achievements for Vegeta, he actually almost cost his team winning this fatal battle royal.

So what is the horrible thing Vegeta did the final stages of his fight with Toppo you ask? Well, it was his inability to give up or ask for help.


Toppo in a desperate attempt to beat Vegeta released an enormous Hakai attack, which mixed with Vegeta’s power destroying half of the arena. This might not sound to bad but remember, unless Goku uses Ultra Instinct only Jiren is strong enough to fly at the moment.

That means that if the stage was completely destroyed, Universe eleven would have won the Tournament of Power having the last remaining fighter Jiren on the stage.

Vegeta’s recklessness could have caused his entire universe to be erased. However, Vegeta did what needed to be done.


Especially, as it would have been almost impossible to defeat Toppo. Still, we shouldn’t just forget what Vegeta did, as it was incredibly risky.

Even if Vegeta did what was good for the universe, it could have backfired horribly, and ultimately killed them all.

Luckily though, that didn’t happen and Universe seven currently having a number advantage over Jiren, which is important with only four minutes remaining in the tournament.

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