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Goku Vs Jiren – Dragon Ball Super Episode 109-110 Leaks Revealed

jiren vs goku Dragon Ball super episode 109-110

Hey there Dragon Ball fans we have some new exclusive leaked images coming in, which pretains to the upcoming Dragon Ball Super special. In conjunction to Dragon Ball Super episodes 109 and 110 for Goku vs Jiren as we finally see some bits and pieces of the one hour special for next week in which brings us along for a very intense ride. Now in the preview we see Goku utilizing his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken form.

Goku vs Jiren leak

Now we understand based on spoilers that Goku is going to be using his highest from of Kaio-Ken that being x20 against Jiren. Now the next image we see Goku is engaging combat with Jiren in his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken form and very notably enough we get to see how Goku kicks Jiren right in the face ferociously while in Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken.


We also get to see how following after that Jiren doesn’t look to be fazed at all. So picture this image, Goku kicking Jiren as hard as he possibly could in the face with his kick and Jiren having to just look back at him as if nothing ever happened. So we see another scan as Goku who falls back with Jiren having to pursue him, with Jiren actually missing a few punches, so it looks like it’s not going to be relatively a one-sided fight with Jiren.

I’m pretty certain that at some given point Goku is going to evade Jiren and that certainly Jiren is going to ultimately destroy Goku, but not without Goku having to put some sort of worthy effort and at least evading Jiren, as we get to see Jiren missing a few punches. Finally, we get to see Goku who sticks his hands out and pretty much formulating the Spirit Bomb.

As we don’t have any information as to how he gets the energy, where he got the energy from, if it’s from the people within the tournament, if it’s somewhere else, or if it’s even his own energy. We also get to see how Goku launches the Spirit Bomb at Jiren’s direction with Jiren having to stand there anticipating the bomb.


More notably enough we get to see how Goku finally after that executes Super Saiyan Blue Kaio- Ken once again and he’s trying to push the bomb towards Jiren. As Jiren in the next shot doesn’t look to be concerned at all we see his eyes they’re pretty much lit up with Spirit Bomb as a whole.

With following image we get to see how Goku looks to be either out of energy, depleted, something’s wrong, we see black lightning all around him. Then following all of this we get to see how all of a sudden the light that Goku is surrounded by begins to consume him, in which ultimately enough leads into a massive explosion happening.

So the question lingers did Jiren deflect the bomb in Goku’s direction with Goku having to push the bomb back but eventually wasn’t able to in thus getting swallowed by the bomb. In which leads into the final shots of this little teaser with Limit Breaker Goku or whatever this new power is, with Goku having to turn his back in which eventually he turns right back around staring into his opponent.

As we get to see Goku’s face for the first time in a different light and of course as you guys can guess it, that’s gonna be Goku’s new form. So what is happening here? Is Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken x20 even fast enough to even avoid some of Jiren’s attacks. Jiren doesn’t even look to be battle damaged at all, however, it looks like Goku is going to be the one on the receiving end of a severly horrifying beatdown. So the question lingers what is Goku or at least what can Goku do while utilizing Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken.

We understand that Goku in the preview is attacking Jiren, but none of Goku’s attacks seem to be working. So again this episode special is going to be airing next week, there is no episode this week, I don’t know how many times a lot of us have to be stressing that in the community.

So let me know what you guys think about this, do you think Goku will beat Jiren or will he lose. In my opinion I don’t see Goku actually beating Jiren now since there’s still Hit who hasn’t gotten his chance to fight Jiren yet, neither has Vegeta. Well again let me know what you think, till the next one see ya!


Is Jiren Stronger Than Fused Zamasu? – Explained

There are a lot of talks about Jiren right now as his battle against Goku is gearing up. We have seen theories after theories about Jiren and his possible awesome battles against Goku and Hit. If there is a thing that will interest Jiren fans, that would be a show of his power. But how powerful Jiren really is?

So far, Goku’s most powerful opponent before Jiren was Hit. Hit forced Goku to show his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken for the first time. Before that, Fused Zamasu was Goku’s (and Vegeta’s) greatest pain in the neck. Zamasu has immortality which makes him almost undefeatable and Black carrying Goku’s potential makes him unstoppable.

After they fused, they were even more powerful than before. Even Goku and Vegeta’s team effort to make even a scratch are useless against Fused Zamasu. All things changed when Vegeta and Goku fused to become Vegito Blue. Vegito Blue was the only person who can fight Fused Zamasu in that timeline. And he was the only known mortal at this time who succeeded in surpassing Beerus’ power.

But it all honesty, Goku, and Vegeta never really did defeat Fused Zamasu nor Trunks succeeded in destroying him completely. Because of Goku’s potential to break barriers and Zamasu’s unwavering goal of erasing all humans, they still thrived even after Trunks destroyed their physical form.

So what’s this long history lesson have to do with Jiren? Nothing really, except the possibility that he is stronger than Fused Zamasu. If Jiren is really at a level that can rival even that of a God of Destruction, he would probably be stronger than Fused Zamasu and Vegito. Though it still depends on who is that God of Destruction we are talking about.  It is hard to know right now because all Jiren did as of this time was to stand and observe.

The possibility that Jiren is stronger than Fused Zamasu is huge.

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