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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Vegeta’s New Transformation Beyond SSJ Blue

After defeated by Jiren at the end of the last episode, We have been querying if Vegeta was going to be able to jump back much as the character has bounced back from significant defeat downs in the past.
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Episode 123 proved to be kind to Vegeta as he reached a new form, a limit breaking Super Saiyan Blue.

Goku was giving Jiren a tough time, Jiren proved to be more robust to defeat than they thought. But respecting the challenge, Jiren pushes to a new level of power himself and overwhelms Goku with his attack.
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After beating Son Goku with a several more of punches, Goku rises silently and says he’s never been punched by that strong of an attack before while telling Jiren’s amazing. Noticing Goku refusing to back down, Vegeta is motivated to battle once again. He says they understand Jiren is powerful, but they must win to win the Super Dragon Balls.
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The two then charge their Ki to their full potential.
Goku reaches his Super Saiyan Blue form with Kaioken boost, and Vegeta seems to go beyond Super Saiyan blue.
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Vegeta’s aura then starts to sparkle, and a new transformation is reached which has a different energy from Super Saiyan Blue.
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The Grand Priest stated that Vegeta appeared to have broken out of his shell too and centered a power beyond his usual Super Saiyan Blue. This new sparkling Ki is everything Vegeta has, a “limit-breaking” power.

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