In An Official interview with Dragon Ball Super director Ryota Nakamura, This interview was released on the Official Site of Dragon Ball Super in Japanese which was later translated by Herms98 in English.Hopefully, Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 is not the true end of the Dragon Ball franchise/series as a whole. Thanks to the additions of new characters and universes, there are far more diverse stories that are possible.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

-Ultra Instinct goes into operation in ep.129, and everyone’s very interested in what will happen in the final two episodes, but…?!

Nakamura: I’m sure everyone realizes this too, but in a situation like this, the story’s not going to end with Goku simply firing a Kamehameha and finishing Jiren off, like with previous villains (laughs).

-After all, Jiren isn’t evil

Nakamura: No, he’s not. Jiren carries a lot of baggage and doesn’t live his life based on malice. Ultimately no matter who wins or loses, though they both have different stances when the battle is over they might feel something new. A bit like Bushido.8

-I see; so they’re letting their fists do the talking.

Nakamura: I want children to pick up on what Jiren learns and feels from fighting Goku. I think it’s probably something that can be applied out in the real world, too. Since others won’t share all of the same sensibilities as you; in fact, most people don’t think the same way you do. In this series, it’s a physical battle, but I think everyone has had a time where they’ve felt something when their ideas clashed against someone else’s. I think Toriyama-sensei’s Universe Survival arc is that sort of story. I made it with that interpretation in mind.

As you can see Takami said he expects “people’s eyes are glued to director Nakamura’s full-force direction and the ending which Toriyama-sensei has prepared for this story”. This gives a clear feeling to fans that Toriyama is trying to set up even more stories. Although this doesn’t reveal much, it hints that Akira Toriyama is already lining up potential new anime projects for the franchise.

This possibly could be a teaser/trailer or be beginning of a Dragon Ball Super’s New Arc After Universal Arc, a new ARC/story in Dragon Ball Franchise. As Episode 131 “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again!!” is going to air on March 25th. Takami Nakamura even mentions, “Even after the story is over, please keep watching until the end and don’t change the channel, there will be something special!


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