With 17 minutes to go, the Tournament of Power is entering a phase with exciting fights all around. Almost all the fodders are gone now, and all we have left are strong warriors, except maybe a few. Even they won’t last long, because the next couple of episodes will erase another Universe from the Tournament of Power, meaning we’ll be left with only five, after Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super.

This week, Goku went up against Kafla, and thanks to Ultra Instinct, he was able to finish the job. Even though Kafla went Super Saiyan 2, and broke her limits yet again, Goku didn’t even give her an inch of space. She lost, and as a result, Universe 6 has just two warriors left now. Saoneru, and Pirina, who don’t look to be all that powerful.

So, I think Universe 6 faces a huge threat of elimination right now. But, they’re not the only one in danger. Universe 2 is also on the wafer-thin ice, and they can be erased any moment now. The next Universe to go, in my opinion, would be Universe 2. However, the preview for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super just hinted at the birth of a new Universe 2 warrior. Universe 2 needs something to cling on to, and I think this may just be it.

Looking at the screenshot, it looks like a post we’re familiar with. The fusion dance. I think this means that we’re getting yet another fusion in the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super. After Kafla, this will be the second fusion that we’ll see. There is also the Universe 3 Megazord that may fuse in the future.

Ribrianne and Rosie might possibly perform the fusion dance in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. At least that’s the way it looks to me. But, it could also be another one of their weird attacks. You never know with this team. But, we do know that Heles is not against fusion, and if they had something like this up their sleeve, it could explain why she didn’t give the Potara to Rozie and Ribrianne earlier.

Again, this could go either way. It is either a combined attack or a fusion. I’m leaning slightly towards fusion, because individually, they’re very poor, and that cannot last long. They need another form or something to be relevant in the Tournament of Power again, and honestly, most people just want Ribrianne to just get knocked out. But, we don’t know if that’ll happen in the foreseeable future, or not. What do you think about this? Do you see Rozie and Ribrianne performing the fusion dance?

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Latest Dragon Ball Super Episode Almost Confirmed [SPOILER]

Tragedy Discloses in on the Vanishing Universe!

According to Spoilers of episode 118, another Universe is about to be erased from the Tournament of Power.In my opinion, there are only two universes which are on the brink of erasure, that is Universe 2 and Universe 6.

However, I think Universe 6 is Going to be Erased in Episode 118.

It seems like Universe 2 won’t get eliminated yet. Their eradication just wouldn’t be “dramatic” sufficient to warrant an episode title.

As you Remember, Ribrianne herself said to Rozie that their universe sucks really hard in this tournament, and I don’t understand how their erasure would be dramatic sufficient to warrant an episode title.

Toshio, a writer of Dragon Ball Super, stated that he wrote a hilarious scene of Zarbuto (Universe 2), and neither episode 117 or episode 118 were written by him.

As we all know that Kelfa is finally eliminated making two eliminations in straight, which resulted only two warriors are left from universe 6.
Now, Universe 6 has only two Namekians

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