DBS 124 Spoilers Are Out

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super episode 124 Spoilers are out. After DBS 122, fans are solely focused on Dragon Ball Super 123. I don’t blame them. The next episode is going to be lit. The preview at the of DBS 122 revealed that Vegeta is going to get a new transformation. It’s finally time for the Vegeta fans to rejoice as most of us believed that Vegeta will only be getting Ls in the Tournament of Power.

However, now we have got an official confirmation that Dragon Ball Super is actually giving out a new power up to Vegeta. We don’t know what power up, it is going to be however, it does look like that it is going to be an upgrade to Super Saiyan Blue. Fans have reached the conclusion that it might be a crossover between Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan Blue.

They have even named as Migatte Blue. However, let’s not sway away from the topic at hand. @Herms98 just released the translations of the latest DBS 124 spoilers. Here’s the tweet—

“Korean spoilers for DBS ep.124, airing January 21st. I kinda think it’s saying Dyspo’s moving at light speed, but I’m hedging my bets until I see what the exact Japanese wording is. You know, for science. https://t.co/pZCQn6bIi5″ —@Herms98

The title of the episode is —”A Stormy, Fiery Attack! Gohan Fights With His Back To The Wall”. According to the spoilers, Gohan is in trouble and is desperately looking for a plan to counter Dyspo(probably). As far as I can make out, Gohan leaves Android 17 to fight against Toppo.

So, I guess this will be the episode when we finally see Android 17 getting eliminated. Gohan teams up Freeza in order to fight against Dyspo, who has been giving Freeza all sorts of trouble. However, things still don’t change after Gohan tries to aid Freeza. They just can’t keep up with Dyspo’s light speed(according to translation).
I quite frankly don’t understand why Gohan would suddenly team up with Freeza to fight Dyspo, when he was supposed to be fighting against Toppo alongside Android 17.

Even if Android 17 was eliminated, it would not make sense if Toppo allows him to just walk away from the fight. I smell something fishy about the whole thing. However, I do believe that Android 17’s journey will be cut short by Toppo in Dragon Ball Super episode 124.
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New DBS Theory Reveals The Secret Behind Jiren’s Power

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super is heading towards to the end of the Universal Survival Arc. If there’s one thing that we have learned so far from the arc, it is that you don’t mess with Jiren. In the near future, whenever people are going to talk about the Universal Survival Arc, they will surely talk about Jiren The Gray.

Such is the impact that Jiren has made in such short time. He is a Pride Trooper from Universe 11. He is easily one of the greatest ever fighters in the history of Dragon Ball. Jiren is unbeaten and he intends to keep this record immaculate. Ever since his battle against Ultra Instinct, the fans have been trying to get hold of any information about Jiren and his power. We are currently drowned in different theories. Recently, we got a new theory which has some mettle. A redditor named, /stagon7 is behind this wonderful theory that could change the whole outlook of the fans towards Jiren.

The redditor has used the Chinese name thing to explain Jiren’s power. The theory speculates that Jiren’s power might actually come from a massive fusion. In the Tournament of Power, we have already seen the Namekians from Universe 6 gaining a great amount of power from fusion. The theory speculates that Jiren has actually absorbed an entire race. According to /stagon7, “In Chinese, Jiren means “Several people”, and when Jiren first unleashed his power, Beerus responded by saying ‘Is this really just the power of just one being?’” The moment which is highlighted is still etched in the memories of every Dragon Ball fan.

When Jiren unleashed his true power, Beerus was actually shocked. Jiren as we know has even transcended the level of the God of Destruction. It is absolutely legit for Beerus to be surprised after seeing such levels of power. One of the things that has greatly heightened the speculation that Jiren may actually have fused with several other people is his meditation. When you are fused with several thousand people, you would definitely need to calm down and escape from all the noises.
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New DBS Theory Reveals The Secret Behind Jiren’s Power

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