Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Major Spoilers

The talk about betrayal is currently hot in the Dragon Ball Super. Since the ice-jin Frost started his mission last episode, fans are anticipating his next move. And it is not surprising that Frieza would be with Frost in their next disruption of the Tournament of Power. This is not a good thing as they both hate Universe 7 participants.

Their next target would be Gohan, who was put into a tight spot by Jimeze of Universe 2. This odd event will be the first time two members of the same universe will be fighting to eliminate one. There is still no clue on what will Frieza gain by working with Frost to eliminate Universe 7 warriors. His main drive is because he hates all of his teammates right now, especially Son Goku.

Frieza VS Gohan was hinted next episode. These two warriors have a very bad past. Gohan was there in the Namekian mission and witnessed first hand how Frieza killed his father’s best friend, Krillin. The problem about this battle is that Universe 7 will not gain anything in this fight. In the worst case, they might find themselves one warrior less after the fight. They would take more damage if Gohan will be the one to fall in the tournament of power.

The craziest thing about this ice-jin alliance is that both Frost and Frieza obviously do not trust each other. There is a big chance that the two will be betraying each other in the end. Though it is quite obvious who will win against Frost and Frieza, in all honesty, you can’t really predict what is their next move. Because of this, Frost might have something up against his sleeve.

There is a great chance that Frost will try to hurt Frieza behind his back in the next episode. Frost was seen holding a Death Ball while Frieza is walking away.There is no confirmation yet, but Frieza might be as strong as Frost in his level 4 form. Though it is no question that Frieza will trash Frost in his Golden Form.

It is expected that Frieza is aware of Frost’s motive. There is one reason that Frieza will betray Frost later on. Frieza might want to consider the opportunity that he has in this tournament. The Super Dragon Ball’s power is limitless and he would want to use the Universe 7 to take advantage. He can wish to be the new emperor of the multiverse if that’s what he wants.


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  1. Thanks for putting the spoiler in the headline. This popped up when I opened Google on my phone and now I guess I’m spoiled! Well done.

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