Dragon Ball Super Broly: Whis Found A New God Of Destruction Candidate?

The third trailer for the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie just came up recently and if there’s one word that would describe “hype”. We see Goku and Vegeta in their respective God forms while Broly showed the green tint of his Legendary Super Saiyan form. But what’s more surprising with this is Whis’ appearance in front of Broly in the same fiery battlefield. Will he and Broly have a battle?

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

Dragon Ball Super Broly’s third trailer shows more about the fight and highlighted the Super Saiyan forms that will be used. More characters are also present in this trailer, with Piccolo finally appearing for the movie. Even Chelye has a line of her own pertaining to Broly. It is implied that she has a special bond to Broly for some reason and it’s kinda unlikely that Broly will fight for Frieza just for the sake of gratitude.  Here’s the third trailer for those who haven’t seen it yet.

But what’s more interesting from the third trailer is Whis’ appearance in the battlefield. He seems to be fighting against Broly, who was on his base form. If Whis is really fighting Broly, this is a special case as angels like him are firm to exclude themselves in the matters involving humans. What would make him meddle with human matters when he doesn’t even get himself involved in Tournament of Power? Is the trailer just misleading to further bring the hype level high?

There’s a possibility that since Goku and Vegeta turned down the invitation for a God of Destruction candidate, Whis might see a potential to train Broly and become Beerus’ replacement. That would be better than letting Broly wreak havoc in the Universe 7. It seems to be the only logical path that Broly can take right now since he’s a good person, as Goku stated in the last trailer.

Dragon Ball Super Broly will be aired on December 14, 2018, in Japan and on January 2019 in the other parts of the world. There is an earlier pre-screening that will happen in Japan this month.

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