‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ Release Date, Spoilers

The wait for the first-ever Dragon Ball Super movie is still a long road. There are still roughly four months away till the movie’s premiere on theaters in Japan. Everyone’s excited because this is Goku and Vegeta’s first main battle after they tasted Jiren’s power after Tournament of Power. Here’s all that we know so far in Dragon Ball Super Broly.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Release Date And New Characters

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be released on December 14, 2018. The English release could be a little later than this date, but English subbed release could be available in an earlier time. We might get an English dub in late December this year or early January next year.

Dragon Ball Movie

Recently, new character bios were added to the official website, and it seems like there’s a lot of new characters from Frieza’s army. It is quite interesting to see more of Frieza’s army after the fall of the Ginyuu Forces. In this movie, it seems like those Frieza army members that will be introduced were all not combat type soldiers.

One of the new faces from Frieza’s army is Beriblue, who is Frieza’s attendant but is not afraid to say anything to him. Another new character is Kikono, who is the Scientist of Frieza’s army. He made the scouter, the space pods that the army uses, and the iconic armor. There’s also Chelye and Lemo who never really met Frieza but has been on the army for quite some time.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Spoilers

This is what we know so far in the plot as per the information from the character bios. Goku and Vegeta still train with Whis and Beerus after the Tournament of Power. In the meantime, they’re all on Earth enjoying the food. For some reason, Bulma has been gathering all the Dragon Balls in secrecy.

Meanwhile, Frieza is still Frieza, planning revenge that he never did during the Tournament of Power. He will come to Earth to get revenge on Goku and the other Earth warriors. And at the same time, Broly and his father will come to Earth for some reason.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Release date

Broly will still be controlled by his father, Paragus. It is expected that the story will be focused mainly on the Saiyans and the past. We might get a flashback from where the Saiyans were not working to Frieza and after that. More stuff about Saiyans is expected to be revealed in this movie.

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