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Dr. Stone Chapter 209: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone

Scientists’ journey begins with Dr. Stone Chapter 209 with Senku and the crew crafting a new computer of their era. Dr. Stone reveals the scientist war between Xeno and Senku that will soon continue at the Moon. From the recent chapter of Dr. Stone, Sai explained his childhood with Ryusui at Nanami Corp. the chapter title is ”Science Trandscends Humanity.” The chapter begins with Yuzihara, Taiju, and Magma rining on the cover photo. Senku and Sai are working on a circuit, and Suika wonders what the two are crafting since they are in high spirit. Taiju wonders if it is time for smartphones and reminds the guys about the smartphone line.

Senku replies that they are still far from the era of smartphones since making the computer will take a long time. Hyoga comments that the trio is made for doing that. Magma wonders why they have to struggle with these tiny things. Ukyo is thinking about the Moon. He comments that launching at the Moon is like pulling the last shoot on golf that has to enter the hole. Ukyo adds that Stone World needs a computer to get the trajectory right.

They talked about Stone World Mathlypics Tourney, and Kinro adds that they need math tools to participate in the math contests. Ukyo thinks that Gen came with the idea of Mathlypic Tourney. They realize that Gen is motivating them to make a calculator. Magma comments that tournaments are great, but they can forget about this; Minami adds that the winning team will get a hundred million dragos. The other part of the crew at Corn City manages to revive the humans. They begin to collect corns. Chrome and Sai talked about a way to store and record data.

Previously on Dr. Stone Chapter 208

Sai explains what Memory is since Chrome has no clues and can’t even pronounce the word. Sai impress the crew by demonstrating the security that thinks and the circuitry that remembers and putting them together. Magma is lost and wonders what these guys are talking about. Chrome, Kasekii, and Suika wonder how a machine can remember. Senku comments that they have saved data using magnets. Senku sent the Memory crating using fax. Ukyo finds that they have to work while using magnets and explains how they will work.

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Yuzihara manages to make the column of magnets that will guide the group to find the answer. Senku, Gen, and Chrome talked about the current and how they get transported through the wire. Chrome begins to understand how they save data and about south and north of the magnet. Senku praised him and said he got ten billion points. Taiju and his team are sewing little rings, and Carlos realizes that they have to make two hundred thousand of those things. Lana comments that it is no big deal for a lady like her. Yuzihara reveals that two hundred thousand is for donuts that need to be wrapped in wire.

Lana talked about the magnet weaving work. They received a shocking message, and Yuzihara realizes that they have to make thirty million of them. They decided to help each other to finish the job. Joe is glad that he is delicate to this work like it is his domain. Chelsea talked about the fuel in India, and Ryusui is pleased that the energy is enough for them to ship off. Gen sings the song about the Indian Ocean crossing. Senku, Chrome, and Sai enter New World Matthylypics. They enjoy playing with numbers, and they later acquire Bank.

Dr. Stone Chapter 209 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 209 will be released on Sunday, 5 September 2021. This manga has returned on its Sunday releases, but the new chapters of Dr. Stone manga get delayed due to weekly breaks. The manga updates will get new updates every week, even if the manga is getting delayed or taking a weekly break.  You can read Dr. Stone Chapter 209 online on Viz. Dr. Stone manga releases every Sunday.  Read Dr. Stone’s latest three chapters online on VIZ for free.

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