Does ‘The Shrink Next Door’ Have An Episode 9?

The shrink next door episode 9 release date
"The Shrink Next Door" is available to stream on Apple TV+

“The Shrink Next Door” episode 9 is all that many fans of the miniseries are wondering about right now. Starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd, the dark comedy follows a seemingly normal dynamic between a psychiatrist and his long-time patient turning into a relationship that’s riddled with exploitation, manipulation, gaslighting power grab, and dysfunction. With wonderful performances from its leads, the show adapts the real-life story of a psychiatrist. Isaac Herschkopf, the psychiatrist that Paul Rudd plays in the show as Doctor Ike, was found to have violated the “minimal acceptable standards of care in the psychotherapeutic relationship” by the New York Department of Health in 2021.

The show also stars Kathryn Hahn and Casey Wilson in leading roles. December 17 marked the conclusive chapter to the story of Marty and Dr. Ike. Is there more to the story? Will we see more of what transpires in Marty’s life with his family? Let’s delve into the questions and answer if episode 9 of “The Shrink Next Door” drops next week or not. Spoilers for episode 8 ahead!

Is the shrink next door a real story
Phyllis (Kathryn Hahn) and Marty (Will Ferrell) in the finale

The Shrink Next Door Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 sees Marty finally accumulating the courage dormant inside him for decades. Breaking away from Ike’s toxic and predatory grip is ridiculously difficult still. However, Marty has decided to pull through and right every wrong he did under the influence of Ike. The finale also shows both Marty and us just how badly Ike has had his patient under his solitary confinement. Ike has cut all cords of relationship and friendship Marty had and rendered him a man devoid of loved ones. Marty realizes this in a jolt when his koi fish dies.

Marty’s Efforts at Making Amends

Clearing the vision blurred by Ike’s supervisory glasses, Marty heads to repair what he’s damaged. He starts with Bruce, asking for lunch with him. More than two decades later, they meet and talk. It’s uncomfortable but it’s necessary. Bruce also helps Marty get in contact with his niece, Nancy, via Facebook. Marty also gathers up the courage to call Phyllis. However, he can’t go through with it and pretends to be someone else. Phyllis is still furious and understandably wants nothing to do with Marty anymore. Later, Marty meets Nancy but she leaves the coffee shop when she still doesn’t get an apology from him. Marty’s attempt at a reunion and patching things up with Nancy fails. She tells him to not bother her or her mother again. Next up on his efforts at reconciling and righting his wrongs is Hannah. He doesn’t find Hannah but learns the reason she didn’t get back to him after their date, it was Ike who told her to back off and never meet Marty, essentially nipping the bud of their relationship before it could ever bloom.

Escaping Doctor Ike

Meanwhile, Ike invites Marty to be his best man, in an effort to get him back. He hasn’t even told Bonnie about this new renewal of vows which is simply organized to lure Marty back. However, upon learning that Ike even destroyed his chances with Hannah, Marty refuses him on voicemail. He then starts negating Ike’s influence by changing the locks on the Hampton house. That’s when Marty hears a car arriving. Initially scared it is Ike, Marty realizes that it is actually Phyllis, who is looking furious.

Phyllis & Marty Meet

Phyllis has come to confront Marty on why he met Nancy behind her back. She is terribly angry and she only gets more upset after seeing the state of the house. However, the ravaged state of the house that neither resembles what it once was nor looks like it belongs to Marty, grabs her attention. Marty confesses everything to her, giving her the account of everything that Ike did to him. Marty tells her he wants nothing to do with Ike now, and that he wants his family back. Phyllis realizes how Marty has been such a victim to Ike. The sibling then decides to burn all of Ike’s belongings outside. As they see it burn, Ike pulls up and immediately attempts to reconcile.

Ike Arrives, Marty Ends it All

He then goes on to reiterate what he always told Marty — that his relationship with Phyllis is toxic. However, this time it’s different. Marty has grown out of his hold on his psyche. He has escaped his controlling and predatory hold. He now wants to do nothing but return to his normal life. Ike still has the gall to persist. Marty, however, rejects his efforts and shouts at him to get out. “You took everything from me”, screams Marty, ending his suffering at the hands of the doctor. Meanwhile, Phyllis badgers Ike’s car but later realizes it’s not his but Marty’s.

Marty Gets Back His Family

A one-year leap later, we see Marty again, now happy and with his family. Phyllis and Marty are families again and Marty gets to hang out with her grandkids. There are still remnants of the damage that Ike’s done on Marty’s psyche, though. Even if he broke the shackles after decades, Marty is at least free from Ike now. He also wins one last battle against Ike, of a legal nature. Marty had given millions of dollars to Ike throughout the years. As soon as he broke free of the predatory grab of Ike, Marty sued him. In the end, he won as well, with Ike’s license getting revoked and many others like Marty getting saved from potentially falling prey to a similar fate.

Who does Paul Rudd play in the shrink next door
Paul Rudd as Doctor Ike in “The Shrink Next Door”

The Shrink Next Door Episode 9 Release Date & Preview

Episode 9 of “The Shrink Next Door” will not be released on Apple TV+. The limited series ran for a total of 8 episodes before coming to its conclusion. Since a true story serves as a basis for the show, its ending is definite. This means that the show will neither have a ninth episode, nor a second season. Such is the nature of a story based on true events. The possibility for a season is nil since the miniseries has satisfactorily concluded the story of Marty and Dr. Ike.

Where to Watch The Shrink Next Door Episode 9 Online — Streaming Details

You can’t watch episode 9 of the show online since the miniseries concluded with the eighth episode. However, there’s still the entirety before the show you can binge on right away. To do that, all you need is to hop on over to Apple TV+. The streamer holds the exclusive streaming rights for the comedy show. This means you can’t watch it anywhere else. You can start watching the Apple TV+ original on the service by signing up right away. The streamer lets you access a 7-day free trial upon signing up for a $4.99 per month subscription plan.

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