All the sci-fi fans, where are you at? Your favorite British TV series Doctor Who Season 14 is already renewed! Yes, you heard that right! Season 13 of Doctor Who is still airing, but we have got a sweet nod for the 14th season as well. This popular adventure and drama series’s 13th season revolves around the life of the thirteenth doctor played by Jodie Whittaker. The fans are wondering about the release date of Season 14 of Doctor Who

The TV series Doctor Who primarily aired on the 23rd of November in 1963. It gained a lot of love and appreciation for the powerful visuals. There is something in this sci-fi show that has kept it successfully ruling the hearts of the fans and the audiences. And the hype is worth it. Talking about the release date of season 14 of Doctor Who, we should not waste any other second, and let us dive right into it!

Doctor Who Season 13 Recap

With a lot of zigzags and twists and turns, the show proceeds with the kidnapping of Dan Lewis. The Doctor and Yaz cause deduction of the Sontarans on their way to send back Dan to Liverpool. Proceeding to the end of season thirteen, the Doctor splits her body into three. A special moment for Bel and Vinder happens as they get their big fat reunion but just for three seconds. Let us dive right into the details for the thirteenth season’s recap!

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Dan Lewis gets kidnapped

At the beginning of the thirteenth season, the Doctor and Yaz take over Karvanista. He is one of the members of the Lupari clan. On their way to Liverpool, the tradesman Dan Lewis gets in the hold of the clan member and is kidnapped. A vision of a hideous Swarm crosses the mind of The Doctor. The Swarm says that she shared a connection with her in the past. The Doctor and Yaz happen to meet many new faces on their journey.

Clair, a lady from the future, comes to ing them both, but she suddenly vanishes in the year 1965 by the Weeping Angel. The Doctor got to know that the Lupari clan member, Karvanista has a bond with the Time Lord Division. He narrates to her the whole story of how the Luparis are protecting the Earth.

Yaz and Vinder are in danger

The trio of Dan, Yaz, and the Doctor arrive at Sevastopol. In this region, the Sontarans have taken the monopoly over the Russians. The powers of the Flux make Dan live again in Liverpool in the year 2021. While at the same time, Yaz is sent to a temple full of dying priests. The hideous Swarm arrives at the temple where Yaz is and kills all the priests, thus making Yaz and Vinder his hostage. The Doctor tries to negotiate with the Sontarans and regroups with Logan’s soldiers. She somehow takes control of the Tardis but is captured and brought to the temple, where Swarm is on the verge of killing Yaz and Vinder.

doctor who season 14
‘Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor in Season 13 of Doctor Who’

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The Doctor jumps into Timestream

The killing of Yaz and Vinder is hindered by the Doctor. She jumps into the time storm of the temple. She relives the memories of her incarnation. Karvanista and the Doctor are in their full element to take over the temple to save the priests and their mates by defeating Swarm. In her time stream, she meets the priests and asks them to go back to the temple. Bel seems to be searching for Vinder while carrying a child as well as some messages for Vinder. After everything falls back into the place, the Doctor brings Vinder, Yaz, and Dan to the present.

Restarting the Tardis

The Doctor plans to restart the Tardis. This forces the Weeping Angel to flow out and wander in the Medderton village in the year 1967. While on the other hand, Claire becomes the subject for conducting some psychic experiments by Professor Jericho. A missing girl, Peggy, comes into existence, and Yaz, as well as Dan, are again sent back into the time of the year 1901. Professor Jericho, Claire, and the Doctor lock themselves up in the basement of the experiment house of the Professor. With all of this happening, sudden news comes from Claire that she is turning into an Angel and some powers are controlling her mind. All of them escape the basement via a tunnel full of angels, and one of the angels takes Professor Jericho along with them to the year 1901.

The Doctor is in danger

The Weeping Angels take back the Doctor to the Division when she meets her mother, Tecteun. She is not her real mother but had adopted her. Tecteun gives her insights into the Division, information about the multiverse, and how the Doctor has made things worse by interfering in the plans of the Division. While in the year 1904, some other porridge is cooking. Dan, Yaz, and Professor are finding out when this world will end. Vinder finds out the mole when Swarm is charging the energy from the survivors of the Flux. But now Vinder catches him red-handed and entraps him.

doctor who season 14
‘A visual from the episode 5 of Doctor Who Season 13’

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Three copies of the Doctor

Another astonishing curve that takes place proceeding toward the finale of the TV show Doctor Who is that the Doctor splits into three versions of herself. Azzure plans to bring back the memories of the past of one of the Doctor’s copies. Meanwhile, Yaz, Dan, and the Professor come back to the year 2021 and encounter the second copy of the Doctor. The furious third copy crashes the ship of Bel. The Sontarans take control of the third copy of the Doctor, but it ultimately gets rescued by the second one. The duo of Swarm and Azure plan to sacrifice the first version of the Doctor to the Time, but the things go in the favor of the Doctor, and they are destroyed. All the lost memories of the Doctor get stored in the deep of the Tardis.

Doctor Who Season 14 Release Date

All the sci-fi fans are waiting to know about the release date of season 14 of Doctor Who. Now, the moment of truth! The release date of season 14 of Doctor Who is anticipated to be the November of the ear 2023. However, there is no confirmed release date for the next season as of now. Episode 9 of Season 13 of the series is yet to be released by the network. The fans are brimming with excitement as the new season of this adventure-filled series is going to hit their screens in absolutely no time.

Talking about the trailers for Season 14 of Doctor Who, then there are no trailers as of now. But for season 13, the trailer got out almost two weeks before the release of the first episode of the season. So, we can expect the same for the upcoming season as well.

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Doctor Who Season 14 Cast Members

A new Doctor will, of course, be seen in the next season of Doctor Who, just as the tradition. The fans can expect the return of a few familiar faces. Let us see what more additions are going to be there in the cast of Season 14 of Doctor Who.

Jodie Whittaker steps down from the role of the doctor in Doctor Who. Russell T Davies will be returning as the showrunner in the next season of the sci-fi series. Also, Ncuti Gatwa, the Sex Education fame, is confirmed to be the Doctor in Season 14 of Doctor Who. He is going to be the 14th Lord of the sci-fi series. The crew of the show confirmed this news on social media. Mandip Gill and John Bishop may return in their roles. While Jacob Aderson can also be seen playing the role of Vinder in the Season 14 of Doctor Who.

star cast of doctor who
‘Star Cast of Doctor Who Season 13’

All sci-fi fans should watch this iconic adventure series. The visuals, cinematography, and the performance of the doctors add to the brilliance of the series ‘Doctor Who’. Do watch it on BBC One Network, if you have not already!

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