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Did Justin Fletcher ‘Mr. Tumble’ Pass Away Or Is it Just A Rumor?

Is Justin Fletcher Mr Tumble dead?
Is Justin Fletcher Mr Tumble dead?

Justin Fletcher, mostly known as “Mr. Tumble,” is a 50-year-old English actor and comedian. He is known for his work as a TV presenter on BBC’s television channel CBeebies. Justin often created roles himself and performed on various roles he made. He is a specialist in slapstick comedy. Justin’s best show was “Something Special,” where he worked with children with special abilities. Justin was famous for winning multiple BAFTA awards. Every time somebody won a comedy award through BAFTA, it was always Justin. He won the last BAFTA in 2012 and to date has won 5 BAFTA awards from 2008 to 2012. 

Justin’ great work was “Justin’s House” that was presented by BBC. Steven Kynman was also cast in the show. This television show took massive popularity among children. This show again featured slapstick comedy by Justin. There have been four series of the, and it has only four parts. The last part aired in 2017. Many people think that Justin is dead. It is because he is not at all active socially. Recently when Sarah Jane accused him of drowning her career, Justin’s mother came forward and denied the fact. But Justin did not release his views. Read below to know where he is right now, or is he dead?

Is Justin Fletcher Mr Tumble dead?

Is Justin Fletcher “Mr. Tumble” dead?

A big NO!! Justin is alive and living a good life. Justin was never dead until he posted an obituary message for Burton Tot, who died from heart failure. He became very inactive after this post and used to do fewer shows. Gradually, his image started fading away, and people thought he is dead. However, Justin is living a great life. The 50-year-old comedian is very famous among children. Even Gen Z knows who he was and what a legend he is. Justin is alive but is less active.

However, we have some good news for Justin Fletcher fans. Justin Fletcher is bringing a new show in 2021. He will be back with a Live Big Tour in September this year. So we are soon going to see our favorite comedian in his form again. Although, finger cross! so that we have no COVID till September, and it does not affect his tour. The news was announced by Floral Pavilion through their Instagram. The caption informed that famous for his BAFTA Award-winning shots, Justin Fletcher will be back with his show in Pavilion’s theater soon in September. 

Is Justin Fletcher Mr Tumble dead?

The show presenters have already up the tickets for sale. Therefore, the show is going to mark a big shot. The show is mostly going to release on the 4th and 5th of September, 2021. You can buy the tickets for Justin’s show from the link provided by Floral Pavilion. The link can be found on Floral Pavilion’s official Instagram page. The price of the tickets is £21.75. It costs £19.75 for the people who are under 16. As the government has allowed the theaters to get themselves open after May 17, Floral Pavilion is bringing this legit show with Justin. So mark the date, 4th, and 5th September.   

Where is Justin Fletcher right now?

Justin lives in Winnersh, Berkshire. He has three sisters and one brother. Justin is also a relative of Dire Straits. 

Latest controversies related to Justin Fletcher?

Recently, Sarah Jane made claims that Justin kicked her out of BBC. She was going great in her career until she went topless and did a photoshoot for a PETA promotion campaign in 2011. Later on, she said that BBC cut all the contracts with her. Sarah said that BBC did not even send her a notice. She came to know through a media report that BBC no longer works with her. When BBC was asked to comment on Sarah’s topless photos, and BBC simply said that they do not work with her anymore, that’s when she came to know about it. 

Is Justin Fletcher dead?

In addition, Sarah said that she felt shocked that the career she loved most has ended. Later on, she went blaming Justin and her colleague for this. She left him a message and called him, but to this day, he never replied to them, as Sarah said. However, all these claims were denied by Justin’s mother. 

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