Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame’s First Inductee Is Batman

As most of the comic book fans might already know that this year Comic-Con will be organizing an induction ceremony for the opening of Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame. This will be done to honor the all-time great and famous characters that we see in comics and have inspired many great TV shows and movies.

On Saturday, the character that is one of the most famous ones in the world known as Batman celebrated its eighth birthday. The character debuted on 30 March 1939 and its birthday was celebrated in WonderCon event held on 30 March 2019. This event included some of the well-known personalities that have been associated with the character of Batman. These people included David Mazouz, Lee Meriwether, Kevin Conroy, Roger Craig Smith, and Grace Randolph.

These personalities have made their name famous through the immortal character of the Batman. It was DC’s Chief Creative Officer that broke the news about the Dark Knight Batman being the first-ever inductee into the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame which will be held later this year at San Diego Comic-Con festival event.

This time around the ceremony will take place where the museum will be made in the near future, that is at the Federal Building in San Diego.

Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame Batman

This ceremony will take place on 17 July 2019. The ceremony will be graced by personalities that have been affected by the character of Batman.

If someone is interested in attending this historic event then for those Batman enthusiasts the tickets will be up for grabs from 03 June 2019. While celebrating the birthday of this immortal character the personalities at the event were graced by a Batman-themed birthday cake which was awesome to see. Batman has been widely popular in Hollywood as well from the 1990s. Christian Bale and Ben Affleck’s Batman roleplay have been mesmerizing to witness in recent times.

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