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Celebrities Who Have Joined Lisa’s ‘Money’ Trend!

Blackpink members
Lisa cr: YG Entertainment

On November 9th, 2021, Blackpink’s Lisa dropped her much-awaited solo album. The full-length album titled Lalisa contained some excellent tracks that we are still not over! Lisa went above and beyond with her album and absolutely devoured the stage as a solo performer. Along with this, we saw the rise of a trend based on Lisa’s ‘Money’. We can go on forever about the stunning visuals, powerful concepts, chic outfits, and catchy songs that the album is complete with.

The solo album is a perfect representation of who Lisa truly is. The raw lyrics and traditional choreography give us an insight into her life and beliefs. However, what captivated the world most was the second single of the album, ‘Money’. The song features a chorus and routine that is impossible to resist. Written by Bekuh Boom, Lisa’s ‘Money’ is a hip-hop track that screams to the world about the benefits of being rich. The condescending lyrics are sure to summon the inner badass that forces you to groove to the song like no one is watching.

How Lisa’s ‘Money’ Took Over The World

The music video for Lisa’s ‘Money’ broke the Guinness world record by reaching a whopping 73.6 million views in a mere 24 hours. Fans all around the world went crazy at the irresistible beats and overall sexy vibe of the song. Moreover, Lisa is known for her impeccable talent for dancing. It was no surprise that she owned the most viral dance routine of 2021. Lisa’s ‘Money’ broke the internet and all social media platforms were ablaze with dance covers and remakes. Nearly six months after its release, one would think that the hype would’ve toned down by now. However, Lisa’s ‘Money’ has proved to be an exception to this fact, as many K-POP idols have hopped on to the trend as well! Here are some of the ‘K-POP idols who have joined Lisa’s Money trend.

Treasure’s Jihoon And Junghwan

Jihoon and Junghwan are both singers in YG Entertainment’s rookie boy group, Treasure. They showed off their fanboy side towards Blackpink’s music in their Vlives. Jihoon even admitted Lisa to be the best rapper of the current K-POP era. Furthermore, they all look up to her and aspire to become like their sunbaenim. The boys were seen vibing and enjoying ‘Lisa’s Money’ on a live that they conducted to interact with the fans. They also turned up the volume to several other songs from her album!

Treasure’s Jihoon And Junghwan

Krystian Wang

Krystian Wang is a Chinese singer, dancer, and model. He is also known to participate in various Chinese variety shows. He flaunted his dance skills to ‘Lisa’s Money’ in a video that shows him executing the moves in a practice room. Moreover, Krystian Wang was one of the contestants of Youth With You 3 and has confessed his admiration for Lisa multiple times. His performance is flawless and speaks volumes about the popularity of ‘Lisa’s Money’ even outside Korea. Clad in a hoodie and joggers, Krystian pulls off the dance routine in his casual yet chic look. Be sure to check out his vibing session to ‘Lisa’s Money’ only on Youtube!

Krystian wang joins lisa's Money trend

Krystian wang- Lisa’s ultimate fanboy

Cravity’s Taeyoung

After ‘Lisa’s Money’ blew up on Tik Tok, various creators took to creating situational content with ‘Lisa’s Money’ playing in the background. This soon became a viral meme/video idea, and numerous individuals recreated it. One such individual who blessed us with his version is Taeyoung from Cravity. He showcased his dance skills by performing a scene that represented how his mood changes before and after listening to ‘Lisa’s Money.’ His video garnered millions of views, and the fans’ responses were just as hilarious. Taeyoung dropped the video without notice, and fans were surprised at the fresh take on ‘Lisa’s Money’ by Taeyoung.

Cravity Taeyoung joins Lisa's Money trend

Taeyoung joins Lisa’s ‘Money’ Trend

Bonus: Bang Chan from Stray kids

Bang Chan is known for his chill but interactive sessions on vlive. He is praised for always introducing new music to his fans and giving them a platform for discussing and reviewing music together. Bang Chan reacted to ‘Lisa’s Money’ in one such session. He expressed his love for the song and also praised Lisa for her remarkable performance in the video. He also listened to other songs from the album apart from ‘Lisa’s Money.’ Check out the entire live exclusively on the Vlive app and web.

Lisa Money Trend

Bang Chan reacts to ‘Lisa’s Money’

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