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    Will Enel Return After What He Found on Moon? One Piece Theory

    Skypiea arc was one of the most exciting and important arcs of One Piece for here Luffy and his crew witnessed things beyond thoughts of average people and pirates and a big part of them didn’t even believe that such things existed. This was the first adventure of Nico Robin with the Straw Hats and […]

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    One Piece: The Spade Pirates In Wano?? – Explained!

    Some days ago I was taking a look at the current story of One Piece and, thinking about the upcoming Wano arc (which is supposed to come up after the Big Mom arc), I thought of an interesting theory for which the former Spade Pirates could join the Mugiwara Alliance alongside Marco The Phoenix and […]

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    Can Brook Really Die? – Explained

    Brook is the musician of the Mugiwara Pirates and Creator of Skull Jokes. He is a skeleton that the Luffy found on board of a ghost ship after drifting into the Florian Triangle. He is a Devil Fruit user who ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi, and is undead, having been brought back into a […]

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    Relation Of Aokiji Kuzan With The Straw Hats

    Aokiji Kuzan, one of the former Admiral of Marine and currently one of the strongest antagonist squad of One Piece, the Blackbeard Pirates. His strength and ability is truly remarkable and dependable for whoever he fights alongside with. Although we haven’t got to see him for that long or got to know much about him […]

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    How Strong Is Charlotte Perospero In Reality? – Explained!

    Charlotte Perospero is the eldest son of the Charlotte Family and also the Minister Of Candy of Tottoland; in addition, his bounty is said to be about 700.000.000 Berries. Although Perospero isn’t a Sweet Commander, I think that he can be considered even stronger than Charlotte Smoothie, since when Vito named the “monsters” belonging to […]

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    One Piece Spoilers Just Revealed The Results Of Luffy vs Katakuri

    Previously Katakuri had controlled the fight in the mirror world, with Luffy looking likely to lose with almost any real resistance. Katakuri has better Armament Haki, his devil fruit is more versatile and awakened and to exceed it off, his Observation Haki is leagues beyond Luffy. So, what will happen in Chapter 885 – [SPOILERS] […]

  • One Piece Game Dawn Reveals Land Of The World Nobles

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    One Piece Game Dawn Reveals Land Of The World Nobles

    One Piece has dominated the manga industry by being the number one most sold manga in the entire world, worldwide. Not only is it dominating the manga charts, but it is also in the top five anime that are currently being watched. So with anime and manga being a hit for the franchise, the gaming […]

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    A Connection Between Katakuri And Bartolomeo?? – Explained!

    In the incredibly vast world of One Piece, we met a lot of different races, such as, for example, Titans, Demons, Mermaids etc, but are we sure that we’ve met all of them? What if there are some other races that we haven’t already seen? Anyway, all of those species of living beings are characterized […]