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    PokemonGO: Legendary Pokemon Confirmed By Niantic

    Pokemon Go is finally getting Legendary Pokemon. We have waited one year for this moment, starting this weekend, trainers around the world will be able to catch the first Legendary Pokemon, it’s still unclear which Legendary Pokemon we will see first. Trainers who took part in Pokemon Go Fest will get the first Legendary Pokemon […]

  • Legendary Pokemon Update

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    Pokemon Go: Legendary Pokemon Update

    Pokemon Go Fest is just 3 days away, everyone is waiting for Legendary Pokemon and today Pokemon Go was updated to 0.69.0 for Android and 1.39.0 for iOS. In official release notes, they showcased new features and fixes, but what was hidden in the datamine was absolutely shocking! Yes,Pokemon Go Legendaries are finally coming. Before […]

  • Caulifla New Transformation Dragon Ball Super Episode 100

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    Dragon Ball Super Episode 100: Caulifla New Transformation Revealed

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 was indeed great, however Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 is going to be even more interesting. A new transformation for certain character is revealed. It’s still unconfirmed if it’s real or not, but that certain character is Caulifla, and she is getting a new transformation. The female Super Saiyan from Universe […]

  • Pokemon go safarizone

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    PokemonGo: Global Events, Challenges

    Major News just dropped by Niantic. This thing is sick guys. With Pokemon Go Fest kicking off in 10 More days, Niantic just dropped a huge amount of information about what’s going to happen on the day of Pokemon Go Fest, this huge. Keeping in mind that the tickets got sold out pretty quickly Niantic […]

  • first legendary pokemon

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    Pokemon GO: App Store Ad Mentions First Legendary Pokemon

    It looks like some of the marketing team members of Marketing Team are going to get fired this time. There has been leaked information about Pokemon Go’s First Legendary Pokemon. Unlike previous leaks this one comes straight from the horse’s mouth, I mean Niantic itself. In the Indian iOS app store, there are promotional banners […]

  • Pokemon Go Trading, PVP Battles

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    John Hanke On Pokemon Go Trading and PVP Battle Update

    Niantic’s CEO John Hanke admits that they are six months behind the schedule, and Pokemon Go features like Trading and PVP Battle were delayed because of Pokemon Go’s incredible success on launch. Due to popularity of Pokemon Go Niantic had to work more on keeping the game online, instead of working on Trading, PVP battles […]

  • Bleach live action movie

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    Bleach Live Action Movie Teaser 2018

    If you think Bleach is gonna be another spoiled one like Netflix’s Death Note you are wrong Warner Bros, Japan will make it amazing. Fans have been waiting to get word on Bleach Live Action Movie for months now, but all they’ve gotten is radio silence.Today, After all, the first teaser trailer for Bleach’s live-action […]

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    Dragon Ball Super July 2017 Schedule

    Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power is picking up it’s pace, and Dragon Ball Super July 2017 Schedule was revealed earlier and it will bring us five new episodes of Dragon Ball Super. One episode has already aired and four more episodes to go. Here are summaries for upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episodes in July […]

  • Pokemon Go United Kingdom Event

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    First UK Pokemon Go Event Announced: Chester Heritage Festival

    After quick selling of tickets for Pokemon GO Chicago event Niantic realized and felt the out burst of fans and soon Pokemon Go’s first UK Anniversary event has been revealed by Niantic and you don’t need to buy a ticket. Niantic has teamed with Big Heritage to bring Pokemon Go to historical locations throughout Chester.Taking place on […]