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    Top 7 Naruto Wind Users

    7 – BAKI Baki Is a jonin of Sunagakure and a member of it’s advisory council. Despite this, he can’t be considered as a strong ninja. But, during the series, we have seen a particular ability coming from him. He’s able to create countless wind blades and to throw them at his enemies. For sure […] More

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    One Piece – 7 Yonko Facts You Didn’t Know

    ODA AND SHANKS According to Oda, Shanks is the character who resembles the author the most out of all the others One Piece characters. This is due to the fact that Oda created Shanks, as a character, who has a kind of fun-loving partying nature and a cheerful personality, which are two of Oda’s features, […] More

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    Four Characters Who Can Beat Blackbeard

    Blackbeard is now considered one of the strongest characters in the series so far, but despite having two powerful Devil Fruits, there are some characters who can match him and beat him. 4. Shanks Shanks is one of the most fearless and most powerful characters. He’s fought with Whitebeard and Kaido, and he also protected Coby by […] More

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    How Shanks Easily Stopped Another Yonko – Explained

    Shanks, the man who one-handedly stopped The Marineford War, But how did he prevent Kaido from attending the War? Kaido was stopped by Red Hair Shanks, a day before the Marineford War. Now, it is revealed that the two had a short encounter, and nothing significant happened. But, looking at Kaido’s character, do you actually […] More

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    One Piece Just Revealed Luffy’s Most Badass New Powers

    One Piece Chapter 893 just came out, and it was pretty hard to believe. In the last chapter, we saw Luffy and Katakuri fighting and Luffy gets stabbed by Katakuri’s Three Forks Spear and the chapter ends. One Piece chapter 893 begins with a flashback. Luffy remembers back to when Rayleigh showed him how to use […] More

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    The Real Reason Why Blackbeard Refused To Fight Shanks In Marineford

    Why did Blackbeard refuse to fight with Shanks during the Marineford arc? Most of us believed that Blackbeard who was so anxious to destroy the Marineford. He fought Whitebeard, Garp, and Sengoku without a single doubt but when Shanks single-handedly challenged everyone including Blackbeard, He denied and considered not competing as a better option that […] More

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    Top 5 Naruto Weakest Characters

    5 – EBISU Ebisu is a tokubetsu jonin from Konohagakure who is specialized in training elite ninja. He has an extensive knowledge of both basic and advanced forms of ninja skills. According to Kakashi, Ebisu is one of the most skilled trainers in Konoha. In the anime, Ebisu is able to perform the Shadow Clone […] More

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    6 Known Legendary Devil Fruits

    In the world of One Piece, there are a lot of Devil Fruits, but only a few of them can be considered as rare. And those that are “rare” are usually referred to as “legendary”. So today I decided to make a list about them. Let’s see it! HITO HITO NO MI (DAIBUTSU) This is […] More

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    Who Exactly Is The Devil Fruit Broker? Explained – One Piece

    In the One Piece world, the brokers are centered on the underworld dealers, trading in illegal goods, such as slaves of different species, and highly priced products or weapons of mass destruction. For a while, I thought that Big Mom’s crew had many people with absolute powers that fill the character’s self correctly. For some […] More