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Bubble Review: Is the new Netflix Anime Movie Worth Watching?

Bubble Review: Is the new Netflix Anime Movie Worth Watching?
Bubble Review: Is the new Netflix Anime Movie Worth Watching?

New anime movies and films are coming out each day surprising viewers with all types of odd concepts. Let’s review the movie, Bubble here. These are odd not in a bad way but in a way of being unique and original. Other than this, people have also noticed a hype in the popularity of romantic anime. Recently, we got a lot of romance-based anime like “My Dress-Up Darling”, “Shikimori’s not just a Cutie”, “Love Afterworld domination” and others. Entering this league now, we have got a new entry in the form of the new anime movie “Bubble”.

You all must be aware of this new anime film since it was all hyped. The movie dropped out recently and now here we present your Bubble review. It is said to be centering on a few more concepts other than just romance. You will get to see scenes of post-apocalypse adventure and mystery. The title of the movie itself has a lot of relevance to the plot of the story. In order to know everything before watching the movie read this Bubble anime movie review till the end.

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About Bubble

Bubble is a very popular name recently but easily misunderstood by “The Bubble”. But these are totally different, the Bubble we are talking about is a Japanese anime movie. Recently, this movie is a hot topic since the director of the movie is known for his other well know works. It is none other than Tetsuro Araki who directed the hit anime series Attack on Titan. The plot of the movie is written by Gen Urobuchi, Naoko Sato, and Renji Oki. Its character design that is loved by everyone since the day its visuals are released is given by Takeshi Obata.

The movie also gained its hype due to being produced by WIT Studio which is famous for not disappointing the viewers. Bubble was released on Netflix on 28th April 2022 but has yet to get a release in Japan. Since we have already streamed the movie it’s time to get some real Bubble reviews.

Bubble Anime Movie Review

Uta – Bubble


The plot of the new anime movie has turned out to be the highlight of everything. It will take you into a post-apocalyptic Japan which is overcome by Bubbles. Due to an explosion in the Tokyo Tower, all these bubbles got concentrated in Tokyo making it unsuited for living. However, some young people decide to defy all the restrictions and keep on living there. They used a parkour tournament which acts as a barter system to trade supplies. The story revolves around the protagonist of the series named Hibiki who is an exceptional player of the parkour. One day, due to Hibiki having an ultrasensitive sense of hearing heard a woman singing in the Tokyo Tower. So he decided to climb it but he fall into the ocean and there he met a mysterious woman.

Bubble Review

This Bubble anime movie review is for those people who are very doubtful about the new movie. The movie is released only two days ago and already trending over the internet. So, what is the reason for it is the plot, animation, characters for something else? Getting started with its plot, Bubble indeed got a unique plot, where no one else have imagined the creators gave fragile bubbles very strong powers here. It also takes the game of Parkour in the center giving it a more interesting twist. Other than this, its plot was mostly influenced by science fiction and it almost fascinated people that how Uta appeared.

Then we have the animation of the movie, it was quite strong that is easily noticed even in the trailer of the movie. This thing didn’t come out surprising because WIT Studio is famous for producing anime like this. However, the thing that turned out to be a criticism of the movie is the concept of romance. Hibiki and Uta’s romantic chemistry was the center of the story. But this topic was not taken into center except in a few scenes. Uta in half of the movie was only running after Hibiki and hardly said anything. Other than this she is one of the two female characters in the movie and was also not likely to viewers.

Netflix's anime movie Bubble Review

Bubble – Uta and Hibiki

The whole movie had some very strong points too that were especially highlighted by the time of the final scenes. The action and all types of interaction between the heroes and the evil robots made the movie a must-watch. However, the final verdict for the movie only lies upon the viewers, so, we recommend you to give it a watch and decide for yourself.

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