BTS V’s Net Worth 2022: How Much Does Kim Tae-hyung Earn?

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V's net worth
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BTS’s V has endless charms up his sleeves. Just one look from him makes people breathless and swoon over him. No wonder he is considered one of the most handsome men in the world. Good looks aren’t the only great thing about him. His musical abilities deserve equal recognition. With being a part of the biggest boy band, V has been able to showcase his talents at a global level. Here, we will discuss all about BTS V’s net worth and his earnings over the 9 years of being in BTS.

Kim Taehyung, aka V, was born on 30 December 1995 in Daegu, South Korea. As a young child, he was interested in music. Hence he took lessons for playing saxophone. Later, it was discovered that V wasn’t even going to audition for Big Hit. He just went there to accompany a friend. Instead, he ended up getting scouted to become a trainee.

BTS V had come to audition for Big Hit absolutely by chance. And he even got to be a trainee. Although, when the BTS lineup was being announced, his existence was kept under the covers. He was a surprise member of the group. On 13 June 2013, he debuted with the six members, confirming the seven members of the group. We are very thankful that V was fated to debut in BTS. Otherwise, such good talent and beautiful visuals would have gone to waste. Now, let’s dive into the details of V’s net worth and his career over these years.

What Is BTS V’s Net Worth?

BTS V’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $20-22 million. V is one of the most popular members of the group. Most of his earnings come from performing as a BTS member. Their sold-out stadium tours and physical sale of albums also play a huge role. With BTS’s recent entry on Instagram with their personal accounts, V’s reputation has only grown.

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Net worth of BTS V
BTS V for Samsung Unpacked event

V and other BTS members are ambassadors of the big fashion house Louis Vuitton. Although fans have noticed his adoration towards Gucci products, he still hasn’t been an official endorser for the brand. Instead, Kim Taehyung is an unofficial ambassador of some brands as fans have learned to associate them with BTS’s V. Whereas some of the brands that BTS does endorse are Fila, Puma, Samsung, Lotte Duty Free, and Samsung.

Apart from this, V also has some real estate investments. He bought an apartment worth $4.5 million in 2019. Currently, he lives with his members at the apartment in Hannam-Dong, which is also a posh area to live in.

Notable Contributions And Achievements

V’s main position is that of a vocalist in BTS. But he is also credited as a songwriter for many BTS songs, including his solo “Stigma” from the WINGS album. Love Yourself era featured his song “Singularity”. The song is very sensual to listen to, and V’s husky, deep voice just enchants us all and makes us listen to it on repeat. Further, we have “Inner Child” from Map of The Soul: 7. The song is appreciated for its emotional and personal undertones. V released songs with his bandmate RM, which is called “4 o clock”. Along with this, he also collaborated with Jin on the song “It’s Definitely You,” which is an OST for drama Hwarang. (Fun fact: V starred in Hwarang too, and showed us how he is a great actor).

BTS V net worth 2022

His proper solo track, “Scenery,” came out in 2019 on SoundCloud. After a few months, he released “Winter Bear,” which was an English song. In 2020, a major breakthrough came in the form of JTBC’s drama Itaewon Class’s soundtrack. BTS V produced and wrote the song “Sweet Night”. The song is deemed to be very ‘Taehyung-like’. Along with this, in 2021, he gave us the beautiful song “Christmas Tree,” which is the OST of the drama Our Beloved Summer. It is very heart-warming to note that both dramas feature Taehyung’s friends, Park Seo Joon in the former and Choi Woo Shik in the latter.

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Along with other BTS members, V is the recipient of the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit medal. Furthermore, he was also appointed Special Presidential Envoy by the President with his six members. Both are two of the highest awards any Korean citizen can get.

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